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  1. moogvo

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    I have noticed a trend taking place for the last few years. it isn't so bad here, but it happens on a LOT of forums and beyond.

    When you share a thought on the forum, you actually have an unlimited amount of space to organize your thoughts and type them out so that everyone can read them and make sense of them. Bad spelling and poor grammar don't really bother me so much (Depending on exactly how bad it is, and as I get older, I am starting to misspell words sometimes too...), but 2 things I really can't stand is a post full of SMS text, or a half page of one long run-on sentence.

    It is not limited to forums either. My wife was the supervisor where she worked and she would bring home resumes that people had submitted. There was SMS texting language on MOST of them. STRAIGHT to the TRASH! Some of them were on lined notebook paper and done in pencil. Nope! Straight to the TRASH! One lady wrote poetry on the back. NOPE! STRAIGHT to the TRASH!

    I wouldn't hire someone to pick up cigarette butts out of my parking lot if they did any of that on their job application!

    "I was drv 2 th store 2day an i ran ovr a dog"


    "i was drive to the stor today an i run over a dog so then i herd a funny noise commin from out of the radiator i pulled into a parking lot and open the hood and saw anti freeze on the grownd comming from out of the hose i called my dad he said that i need to go to the auto parts store i went to the auto parts store and the guy ask me what kind of hose it is i tell him that it was for my truck he ask what kind of truck i told him a blue truck he said we dont have that part and then i have to walk back to my truck it was like 5 miles away it was cold i got back to the truck and the police was asking me if it was my truck i said yeah and he told me that i have to move it or they are going to call a tow truck i moved it and there was no more anti freeze i called my dad again he told me to go back to school"

    What?! I see either of those in a post and I IMMEDIATELY click the back button. I won't even ATTEMPT to decipher that mess!

    Those are my BIG pet peeves. What about you?
  2. donyms

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    Amen, I am with you buddy. Every time I write anything on this forum it underlines misspelled words in red. I know it must work that way for everyone, although I guess if you are posting from a phone it may not. I get so frustrated sometimes trying to figure out what someone is saying because they wont check the spelling before they post. Come on people, are you really in that big of a hurry? Then you have the speed readers who glance over your question, miss most of it and then ask you a question about your post that is clearly already there. I think allot of people are just in too big of a hurry any more and have sidelined spelling, proofreading and old fashioned courtesy for that matter. Sorry Moogvo, you got me going there.
    Just to be clear, I love this site and most all of the people on it. This is just a pet peeve of mine also. :glasses:
  3. moogvo

    moogvo Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    My phone screws me every time! I suppose my polish sausage-sized fingers don't help anything either. My iPad thinks it knows better than I do what I want to say, so THAT screws me too.

    Yes, I get underlined words in red as well... Sometimes, I might have put the wrong word in somewhere because I was busy trying to "multi-task"... Oh well. It makes me look like a dumb@$$... Not that that is really a stretch! LOL! Thanks for the friend request!
  4. UpsetProps

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  5. dsfloyd

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    Agreed. I use full punctuation and sentences when I am texting.:lol: Not that my grammar is always correct (that was the worst part of english class for me), but I am usually close. Definately if that junk was in a resume it should go in the trash immediately.

    since you also asked about pet peeves here is one of mine: People who eat like horses (or other animals). Chomping on their food, mouths wide open so every can see how well its been chewed up. It aint that hard to chew with your mouth closed.
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  6. RayVoy

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    I have no problem with text "short talk" in a text message, a short sentence can save someone texting charges. My policy is to use the language that is appropriate to the situation. It's not unlike dressing, you don't wear a bathing suit to a black tie affair; however, there is an appropriate place to wear the bathing suit.
  7. the phantom

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    I will shorten up my texts but thats when I text. When im posting on a forum like now. I generally write proper English. Sometimes my texting interferes and I realize it and then I say the heck with fixing it and hit Post.. One of my pet peves are people who drive slower in the passing lane than the speed limit and people who leave thier blinker on and not turn.. Oh yeah and if I pass you and you either leave your high beams on or turn them on after I pass you.... BE READY FOR A BRAKE CHECK!!lol
  8. moogvo

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    My Mother-In-Law eats like a damn GORILLA! She hunkers over her plate standing at the counter next to the sink. She even grunts... you can hear her slopping it up and chewing like a non-domesticated farm animal too.

    She also vacuums the coffee out of the pot and doesn't bother to make any more in spite of me telling her "You kill tha joe, ya make summoe!"

    I get my revenge, though... I point the laser pointer on her rear end from across the room. The dog bites her on the backside trying to get the red dot. She has NO IDEA why the dog has been biting her on the rear for the last 9 years. My wife caught me doing it once and got REALLY mad at me over it... now she does it too.
  9. Untouchable

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    People give me crap because I don't short hand when I text. If I want to say, "Do you want to go get something for dinner?", it comes out that way...not "Do u wnt 2 go gt sumthin 4 dinr." I think that most people have forgotten how to use common english...sheesh.

    This annoys me to no end. It happens ALL OF THE TIME where I live. People don't even move for emergency vehicles. I can't tell you how many times I've been flipped off or had someone slam on their brakes in front of me because I was somehow inconveniencing them...I personally think that people should have to take a common sense and IQ test before they're allowed to get a drivers license...and I think texting while driving should be treated just like a DUI/DWI.

    My other pet peeve is people parking on the street facing the wrong direction...or parking in the street when they have a drive way to park in...
  10. AMac

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    I fully agree with you about the inappropriate use of SMS within a professional workplace. I can't stand it when people respond with Thx. I notice that a lot of people incorrectly use homonyms too. On the forum though I don't let it bother me much since It's a social environment rather than a professional one, but I could see how it could be confusing if you can't decipher SMS. I don't use it much so I'd be trying to decipher too. Acronyms are another one, seems like if it is at least 3 words, it's got an acronym.

    ---------- Post added at 10:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:54 PM ----------

    I completely agree about txt'g...oops, I mean texting (laughing out loud) and driving. Even with using the speak to type function on my phone it can be distracting because I have to check to make sure it resulted in what I wanted to say.

    About slow people in the fast lane...I like how people move for you when you are behind them with a big truck rather than a small hatchback. I mean, people actually move over for me now.

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