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Discussion in 'Car Dealer Reviews' started by Chevy Dealer Reviews, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Singh Chevrolet is a well known dealer in the greater Los Angeles area. If you would like to review this site, just add your comments to the end of this review. Be honest, but fair.

    Singh Chevrolet
    8200 Auto Drive
    Riverside, Ca 92504

    Sales: (951) 643-7101

    Singh Chevrolet Website | Google Places
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    I bought my 08 Silverado in January 2009, so far I have been very happy with it. My buying experience was pretty awesome I had a good guy that helped me and the accounting manager, AJ, is a very nice guy. I was a little suspicious at first when I noticed that almost everyone in the dealership portion was of middle eastern descent, but they were all very kind and helping. The guy that i bought it from, Joe, continued to follow up with me after the purchase for the first two or so months just making sure that I was still happy with my purchase. On the other hand their parts center has some cool guys working in there, but there is one particular guy that is very rude and short on the phone. I still need to get his name so I can tell them the experiences that I have had with him. He hung up on me without even saying bye, I asked if my part was in and he said no and hung up. I had to call back and finish my conversation cause I guess it was over to him. Most of the service guys are cool with the exception of a few know it alls, but that is to be expected from mechanics. They all think just cause I am bringing my truck to them for warranty issues I am not familiar with an automobile. If they would take the time to notice that I do my own routine service and maintance, plus have a muscle car that I have done everything myself on, than they might be talking to me like I have a brain. But that just comes with the whole territory of mechanics these days.

    On another note, Riverside is about 100 miles east of LA so its the Greater Greater portion, not even in LA county. :)
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    I would be happy to pass your experience along about the dealer. Please feel free to contact me privately with your contact information in order to do so. Thank you.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.

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