sirius satellite radio which wire should i connect power to?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by jordanr1987, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. jordanr1987

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    I read in some forums that the orange (pin #13) in the back of the cd player harness is where to connect it so i tried that and the satellite radio stays on when I turn the car off.

    Should I connect to the ignition (i heard its the pink wire under the dash?) or is it okay if i turn off the satellite every time i leave the car? Will it constantly drain power even though its plugged in but the unit itself is off? I dont want to drain my battery!

    Using i found this:

    12V|red (x2) |+ |ignition harness |
    | STARTER|yellow |+ |ignition harness |
    | IGNITION|pink (12 awg) |+ |ignition harness |
    | SECOND IGNITION|white |+ |ignition harness |
    | ACCESSORY|orange |+ |ignition harness |
    | SECOND ACCESSORY|brown |+ |ignition harness
  2. hbfsbull

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    You can run it to the remote wire on the deck there usually a small blue wire or run it to the ignition wire . I wouldnt run it to a wire that powers it all the time just incase you forget to turn it off

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