SiriusXM CNPKEN1 Connection Cables For Kenwood Head

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by cjt28, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Saw this item on eBay and wondered if it would be better than the Sirius XM V200 Connect Vehicle tuner. To install the tuner I reluctantly had to cut off the plastic clip on my stock antenna so that I could plug it into the tuner.

    I attempted asking the seller how the device worked and installed but receivedan automated message stating the seller receiveda high volume of messages and does not have time to answer them.

    Has anyone seen or installed this item? I'm assuming from the connectors, it's a simple plug-n-play into my Kenwood head unit and factory Sirius XM tuner?

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    When connecting my Sirius SC-C1 tuner to my kenwood unit (which has a KAB bus connector) I used a Sirius CA-SR20V cable:

    Note, however, that I was connecting an aftermarket Kenwood DNX6960 head unit to an aftermarket Sirius SC-C1 tuner. If you're trying to use the OEM tuner you need to first recognize that it's a XM tuner, not a Sirius tuner. (Despite the company now being called Sirius XM, there's still a difference between a Sirius tuner and a XM tuner.) Once you have made that distinction you should do some research to determine what type of interface the OEM XM unit has on it ... and what type of interface the Kenwood head unit has. This may entail internet digging, contacting Kenwood, getting some good images of the interface from under your dash and poking around, etc., etc. Once you know both things you can begin looking for a the cable you need...

    I wouldn't buy something that looked like what you have pictured ... that's for darn sure!

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