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    I am an XM subscriber for my factory deck in my Silverado and I got an email yesterday stating that for another $4 a month, I can add the "Best of Sirius" which is only like 20 stations. I'll pass, and I feel they should already offer them to current subscribers.
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    I agree the Best of Sirius is a waste unless your a fan of either Martha Stewart or Howard Stern. I'm just nervous I will lose my favorite XM channels (ethel, lucy, X country) for their Sirius counterparts. My wife has Sirius in her car and it has got some stuff I really like (Jam On, Bill King) But XM has a much deeper playlist. I guess we will know next month how this is all going to shake out.

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    I'm looking forward to the combining of channels. I was a Sirius subscriber but just recently subscribed to XM in my Denali. While there are some unique XM channels, I find that the quality of the playlists to be inconsistent. I'll listen one time and like the songs, but the next time they play stuff I don't like. I definiitely like Sirius Chill way better than XM Chill. I also miss the Garage on Sirius--I can't find anything like it on XM.

    I've also noticed a lot of XM channels that are not broadcasting their shows or only doing so at certain times. Perhaps they're getting ready for the change in the line-up?
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    I wish my I had Sirius instead of XM. XM has comercials and now they even have DJ's. Whats that all about!!! I guess they need more money than what our subscriptions can pay them.
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    Hey All. I had Sirius in the Jeep for years now. Recently sold it and bought a 08 Silverado. Had the XM the first 3 month's and definetly missed Sirius. But loved the satellite aspect of it. Old radio SUCKS! I'm gonna return to Sirius. I'm a Howard Stern guy but there are alot of great stations. Anyone have a 08 Silverado with Sirus installed?
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    I hope they do something soon.Ever since XM replaced Fungus 53 with AC/DC radio I have been losing my mind!I could flip on almost any terrestrial channel and get a AC/DC fix if I wanted to.

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    Well wednesday is the big day. Here is a copy of a post from regarding the new channel line up.


    2 XMX - gone
    18 No Shoes - Gone
    51 Metallica - gone
    53 Fungus - gone (but Lou Brutus is DJing on Octane 48 and Faction 52)
    65 Rhyme - gone (Sub Sonic is moving to Hip-Hop Nation)
    72 Beyond Jazz - gone
    76 Fine tuning - gone
    82 The System - gone (will remain on XMRO)
    83 Chrome - Gone
    91 Viva - gone
    92 Aguila - gone
    93 Caricia - gone
    125 Weather Channel - gone
    162 E! - gone

    Format Adjusted / Name Changed

    12 X Country - renamed Outlaw Country
    29 UPOP - Replaced with BBC Radio One
    45 XM Cafe - replaced with The Spectrum
    66 Raw - replaced with Hip Hop Nation
    80 The Move - replaced with Area
    112 VOX - Moved to ch 79 and changed to Metropliton Opera Radio
    120 XM Live - renamed 'Specials'
    130 Potus '08 - renamed Potus
    144 XM Sports Nation - renamed Mad Dog Radio
    155 Take Five - renamed Sirius XM Stars

    Moved and Renamed

    77 Audiovisions - renamed Spa and moved to ch 72
    110 XM Classics - renamed Symphony Hall and moved to ch 78
    113 XM Pops - renamed Sirius XM Pops and moved to ch 77


    27 Cinemagic - moved to ch 76
    28 On Broadway - moved to ch 75
    41 Boneyard - replaced with Hair Nation until January, then Boneyard will be back and moved to ch 53
    52 The Verge - moved to ch 87
    78 Escape - moved to ch 28
    94 Caliente - moved to 85
    95 The Joint - moved to 86
    96 Air Musique - moved to 88
    97 Sur le Route - moved to ch 89
    103 Martha Stewart - moved to 157
    104 Sirius Nascar - moved to 128
    128 Fox Business - moved to 136
    157 Reach MD - moved to 160
    244 Canada 360 - moved to 96
    245 Quoi de Neuf - moved to 125
    246 Calendrier Sportif - moved to ch 97

    Name Changed

    10 America - renamed The Roadhouse
    16 Highway 16 - renamed The highway (Aimee Page and Storme Warren remain)
    17 US Country - renamed Prime country
    23 The Heart - renamed Sirius XM Love
    26 Flight 26 - renamed The Pulse (Ron ross and Rod Hendrix remain)
    30 XM Hitlist - renamed Pop 2K (Albie Dee, KT Harris and Jason Kidd remain)
    33 Spirit - renamed Praise
    43 XMU - renamed Sirius XM U
    44 Fred - renamed 1st Wave
    46 Top Tracks - renamed Classic Vinyl
    47 Ethel - renamed Alt Nation
    48 Squizz - renamed Octane (Bodhi will be on Octane)
    49 Big Tracks - renamed Classic Rewind
    54 Lucy - renamed Lithium
    60 Soul Street - renamed Soul Town
    62 Suite 62 - renamed Heart & Soul
    67 The city - renamed Hip Hop Nation
    73 High Standards - renamed Siriusly Sinatra (Jonathan Schartz still DJing)
    84 XM Chill - renamed Sirius XM Chill
    116 XM Kids - renamed Kids Place Live
    150 XM Comedy - renamed Raw Dog Comedy
    163 Sonic Theater - renamed Sirius XM Book Radio

    New To XM

    18 Elvis Radio
    41 Hair Nation
    52 Faction
    55 Radio Margaritaville
    56 Jam On
    57 The Grateful Dead Channel
    58 E Street Radio
    59 Underground Garage
    117 Catholic Channel
    119 Doctor Radio
    134 NPR Now
    135 World Radio Network
    148 Blue Colar Radio
    149 The Foxxhole
    152 Cosmo Radio
  9. bartman0531

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    Overall I think am happy except for the loss of Xcountry
  10. Stargazer

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    Is Stern going to be part of the regular line-up? Or will people still have to pay extra?
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