Slack in the Steering

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by revscott, Mar 21, 2012.

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    thanks, but I'm not familiar with the t-bar key. Where is it, what do I do?
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    I have been burdened with a dreaded steering slop for a while, I have replaced tie rods inner and outer, pitman arm, idler arm, and just replaced the steering box in November, along with dual steering stabilizers, and the new steering box did wonders for two months, until the box **** the bed and now it's twice as worse as it was before. So now i have another replacment box to put on that hopefully will work instead of this garbage.

    First thing i would do is look for the problem, then go from there, more likely it will be the tie rods.
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    The "T" bar key is a lever sort of at the back end of the torsion bar. You can't miss them. The torsion bars are 3 or 5 feet long and run from your control arm backward parallel to the frame rails. There is an adjusting bolt running through the "T" bar key that is captured in a plate on the frame. Turning this bolt will lift or lower your front suspension on one side or the other by rotating its associated torsion bar.

    CAUTION - turning this bolt also changes your spring rate by adding or removing preloaded tension into your torsion bar. If one of the bars is sagging low and the adjusting bolts are more or less already equally adjusted the same amount then your torsion bar is probably weakened somehow. The "T" bar keys however, are not meant to be adjusted to raise or lower the vehicle. They are used to remove tension from the torsion bar so it or your control arm can be removed for repair and used to level the truck up after the torsion bar has been installed. They are like having "on board" spring compressors.

    This brings me to a question. Exactly how much does the prior owner of your truck weigh anyhow.:rofl:
    I bought my '99 Burb from a guy who tops 300 lbs and it still sits level after 13 years. The driver's seat however, has a distinct list to Port.

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    Two of 'em? I've heard those things, along with hugeomongous meats eat street spec GM (and most other brands) power steering boxes like Wheaties. You prolly should carry a spare one.:lol:
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    Thanks but I am not familiar with the t-bar key. Can you tell me where it is and what to do.

    Sorry for double post, thought I had lost it. thanks for replies.
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    Billy Bob is a girl.
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