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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Fine Burban, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Fine Burban

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    So with in the first week of owning my '89 Suburban 1500: 5.7 / 700R4 / 4x4, the trans is shot. 1st-4th will not grab when I give it more than 1/2 throttle. The truck has either 179 or 279000 miles on her and I know it needs to be done. I dont really feel like spending the 16-1800 to get it rebuilt so I am thinking of tackeling it my self. I have done a few engines in my time but nothing like the magical AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. I found a site that has downloadable step-by-step instructions. My questions are: 1) What rebuild Kit would you recommend? 2) Torque Converter? 3) Upgradable parts? 4) on average how long did you have yours removed from the rig? This is my daily driver and would like to think that if I have all the parts and nothing is broken or worn that I wasnt planning on replacing that I could have it done in a weekend. Also, is there ANYTHING I am forgetting to ask? Is so please let me know the question as well as the answer. Thank you all in advance. -Mike-
  2. Pikey

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    you will need some specialized tools to do it. Maybe you know someone that knows someone who does trans work and has the tools. As far as kits go, I would have no idea. I think mine is making a humming noise and rattle on soft accel. So, I will be watching this thread for other responses. I think that I can get a new (rebuilt and tested) from GM for $1200
  3. Fine Burban

    Fine Burban Member

    Thanks, I was not even thinking about tools, but I think the local AutoZone might have the tools I need for rent... I hope. I will ask and keep searching for kits and Ill have a final price by tomorrow night.
  4. tbplus10

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    I know your looking at saving money but have you thought about a low mileage take out or a remanned?
    Since you already seem ready to tackle removal and replacement this would alleviate the chore of rebuilding, and like Pikey pointed out there are some specialized tools that even autozone wont carry.
    Rebuilding is a little time consuming and for even a skilled novice can be frustrating.
  5. Fine Burban

    Fine Burban Member

    Thanks for your input. I was thinking that Autozone would have the tools i needed and I was going to check today. I figured that with the work that is ahead of me I might as well do the upgrades to a trans that should be done instead of R&R the unit with another one that will last a bit but have the same weaknesses. BUT I might go to a pick n pull and grab one, throw in a shift kit and hope that its good and hope it lasts while I rebuild the other one in my garage over time. Sorry I am long winded but I just want to make sure I am taking the correct path to this replacment. As far as the the frustration level of this job... I have multiple of the same tool that way when I throw one across the garage and cant find it I have another one readily available. Thanks for your advice guys!

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