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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 2SEVEN3, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. 2SEVEN3

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    My 2003 silverado 1500 seems to have a slow shift from 1st to 2nd, it doesent feel "harsh" when it drops in, it just feels long and drawn out. I saw the sticky about the p1870.....for harsh 1-2 shifts, but i my truck doesent fall into the years that were effected. I have had it ran on the scanner and had 0 trouble codes, and today i drove my fathers 2002 which shifted much faster without slamming into gear. Does anybody have any reccomendations before i take it to the transmission shop?
  2. 2SEVEN3

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    It seems to shift fine under hard acceleration. Im only feeling a delay at slow, normal take off speeds.
  3. 2SEVEN3

    2SEVEN3 New Member

    Put a new trans filter and fuel filter in last night. Had been a while and its feeling better, just not like i think it should. Fuel filter was clogged pretty bad too..
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    Boy, 273, you got overwhelmed here didn't ya? Well it's hot out, there are many things that could cause this, and I've been chasin g passwords, and other assorted nusances a lot lately. I hate it when they cut my power while my pc is on. I have to spend two hours reseting stuff. Anyway, jack up the truck, and check the wheels to make sure the brakes aren't dragging you down. You got a tow mode? are you sure it's off? Your truck falls outside my range of experience, but I'l stay with ya, helping where I can until one of the big boys come in and help. Usually in older trannys, the 1/2 shift issue was a sign of impending trans failure. If you can check the engine bay for loose, broken, or missing vacume lines or connectors, that might help. Are your tire4s fully inflated? Is the parking brake fully off? Try shifting manually and see what it does.
    Brian L.
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    Took it in to the trans shop yesterday. They said its on its way out. Hard for me to believe, because it is not a new problem. The guy at the shop was a trusted family freind tho so i guess ill be saving up for a new trans... or maybe a new truck? :great:

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    How many Miles are on the Transmission, are there any other Shifting Issue's/Problem's, when was the last Time the Transmission was Serviced(Fluid/Filter)Change, and what Color is the Fluid??......it should be Pink in Color and Smell Fresh.

    The reason I asked those questions above, is because you mentioning the Following.........Hard for me to believe, because it is not a new problem.

    if your Transmission does Not have Any Other Shifting Issue's/Problem's, other than the Delay at the 1-2 and if the Transmission Fluid, is in the Condition I've also mentioned above, then all your Transmission may Need is a Vette Servo, its a part that can be installed, without removing the Transmission, and
    the Cost is anywhere from $19.00 to $45.00....depending on where you buy one.....

    A Vette Servo, helps with that delay in Shifting on the 4L60e Transmission's.....with a Vette Servo, you'll notice Faster and Firmer 1-2 and 2-3 Shifts, Since the Servo isn't Traveling as far, before it applies the Band, the 1-2 and 3-4 Shifts will be much quicker.

    Check out the Below Link, for more Information, regarding the Vette Servo,
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    It is either on the way out ..or a bad throttle position sensor.

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