SLP Adds Power To The 2014 Chevy Silverado

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    I've driven the new Supercharged SLP lifted Silverado Very sweet!!! :great:

    By Ellen McKoy
    [​IMG]Providing OEM-quality specialty vehicles that incorporate performance, handling, and appearance enhancements is all in a day’s work for Ed Hamburger. The inspiration behind SLP Specialty Vehicles, Hamburger has been churning out innovative performance products since the 1970s. Highlights range from performance engine components for smallblock Chrysler-equipped race-car applications to a line of Hamburger’s Oil Pans, at one time the predominant oil pan used in sanctioned motorsports events.
    After founding SLP, Hamburger began producing limited-production specialty vehicles, including a sixyear run of GM-approved, modified versions of the Camaro SS and Firebird Firehawk. More recently, SLP has expanded its product lineup with a slew of specialty products for the current crop of Detroit-built muscle cars — Camaro, Challenger and Charger — as well as full-size GM trucks and SUVs, including a 525HP supercharged Cadillac Escalade Sport Edition. Which brings us to Hamburger’s latest venture, the all-new PowerPacked Off-Road Edition and Supercharged Off-Road Edition for next-generation 2014 General Motors full-size trucks.
    Much more than just a pretty face, the PowerPacked version offers a choice of two naturally aspirated engines, 345hp or 425hp, plus SLP’s Blackwing cold-air induction system. More power-hungry off-roaders can opt for the Supercharged version. It comes with a standard PowerFlo dual exhaust and cold-air induction system, optional Brembo front brakes, and a choice of engines, including 450hp, 525hp or — not for the faint of heart — a massive 700hp Both editions ride on BFG’s road-gripping 285/55R20 all-terrain T/A tires fitted with 20”x9” rims, offered in a variety of styles.
    [​IMG]For improved handling on and off-road, SLP added a front-end leveling suspension package as standard equipment on both models. Innovative design details include a billet grille, custom-designed hood, door and tailgate graphics, plus a choice of fender flares available in flat black with or without black or stainless bolts, and body color with or without stainless bolts. For those who crave a more muscular look there’s an optional two-piece hood scoop. Interior enhancements include standard embroidered headrests and floor mats, and an optional Katzkin Leather trim package.
    Built in SLP’s Toms River, New Jersey, and Troy, Michigan, facilities, and available through GM dealers in the U.S. and Canada, both the Supercharged and PowerPacked Off-Road Editions are covered by SLP’s five-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty and a three-year, 36,000-mile non-powertrain component warranty. The 700hp Supercharged model has a threeyear, 36,000-mile engine and supercharger warranty. When it comes to off-road adventure or cruising city streets, SLP’s new Off-Road Editions not only are a testament to the company’s rich performance and styling heritage. They also set just the right tone for urban cowboys and weekend warriors looking for a classy ride that packs plenty of power.
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    Calloway and Lingenelter already have their S/C '14 Silverados out too, but those appear to be NNBS not N3bs.
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    Bout time we got a raptor counterpart. Could you imagine a 700hp factory backed truck? "Yes i would like the 700 hp package with the 100000mi warranty..."
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    I wonder if they are cutting any deals on the 2013s?
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    What is the price tag on one of these?

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