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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by doss, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. doss

    doss New Member

    I got a 05 Chevy n i was wondering if yall could answer my question,When my truck is idling for 5-10 minutes it will start smoking out of the tail pipe n vibrating the hole truck,My Service engine light stays on all the time but when it start smoking the light starts blinking and u can puch the gas peddle all the ways to the floor n it will stall out but i can kill it n turn it right back on n it will b fine,A couple weeks ago i was hauling some stuff off for a guy n i was loading it up on a trailor,It started smoking so i went n killed it after i got done loading that stuff up i went 2 start it n it wouldn't do nothing not even try 2 crank over,Lights n everthing was on but wouldn't do nothing else,i had a guy look at it he hooked it up 2 a machine n it said The Bank 2 Sensor 1 was stuck on Rich,and Bank 1 Sensor 2 was stuck on Lean,I ordered a Sensor 2day,Do yall think the sensor being bad would make the starter not turn over or is the starter jus goin out
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  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    In the future when the service engine light is blinking it needs to be taken care of asap. When the light stays on its usually emission and it should be fixed but it can wait.
  3. murdog94

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    IM not sure that the starter is going out.
    As to the lean sensors i would for sure get them changed ASAP so you dont damage your engine. Also when was the last time that you did a tune up? That will help keep everything happy as well.
  4. doss

    doss New Member

    Service light

    Idn of many chevys that the service engine light doesn't come on....
  5. murdog94

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    I would at the min scan for codes when it comes on.. and when it is blinking it means that you have a severe problem that needs to be dealt with.
  6. doss

    doss New Member

    Thanks murdog....I ordered a sensor today i am gonna put it on 2morrow but i am just goin replace the Bank 2 Sensor 1 (RICH) right now.A guy said it might be mixing my gas to rich..N would it make my truck lose HP like when i am pulling a trailor it don't pull it jus real real good jw..Thanks

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    It only starts blinking when it starts smoking..We turned it off once but it came back on

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