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    I wanted to buy some snow chains for my 4x4 in case I needed them. Then the sales person said check you manual to make sure can use. I said what good is a truck you cant put chains on . Big as light the stock tires are LT265/70 r17 and it says not to use snow cahins. I think Chevy should not be allowed to sell a truck ,that you cant put chains on. F***en Government motors. Trying to find out if cables will work or what will? Interesting point its a4x4 what if state troopers say need chains.
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    I've read that chains are not recommended due to possible damage to the ABS lines as well as aluminum rims. In that same article, it was recommended that cables be used instead chains (if you have to use something), just make sure they are extremely snug. I'm not sure where you live, but I am in Colorado and I have never heard that chains [in the mountains] are required even in the worst of conditions for a 4 wheel drive or other passenger type vehicle (they just close the road altogether if conditions get too bad, and then no one is driving on it, chains or not). The only time I have heard of chains being required when the road remains open is on commercial vehicles, mainly larger trucks. However, just because I have not heard of it, doesn't mean that it has never happened....if it has though, it's been on extremely rare occasions.
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    What do u want chains for? I live all the way up here in Fairbanks Alaska and I run around in the winter time with summer tires. I'm impressed with the GM trucks in the snow

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    I am not sure, only been here a couple years Montrose Co. Was told that on the main hwys troopers will stop you and require chains to get through. Planning a trip and didnt want to get stuck with no where to go.
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    Montrose is a beautiful part of our State....we might drive through there this Summer on the way to down to Mesa Verde.

    I'd call the Colorado State Patrol and double check with them. If it's a matter of just carrying them with you, then no need to worry about GM's recommendations, just buy some cheap ones and keep w/you; however, if they require chains to be on the tires, then I'd check to see if cables will suffice. I've never run into a situation in which the CSP or any other agency has stopped me for not either using chains or checking my vehicle for chains.

    Let us know what you come up with if you do look into....sounds interesting.

    VROCKET New Member

    I contacted Colorado State Trooper office by email. Here is the response: The majority of the time the chain law primarily deals with commercial vehicles however there are rare instances when “all vehicles” require chains. As long as you do not utilize your truck in a commercial capacity you are not required to have chains. In the instances when “all vehicles” are required to be chained as long as your truck is four wheel drive and the four wheel drive is engaged you are in compliance. I hope this answers your question. Please contact me if you have any other questions.Thank You,
    I still think it is wrong that Chevrolet (Government Motors) builds a TRUCK that can't run chains. I know they are not the only one that is doing this.
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    Well the good news is that since your truck is a 4x4, it suffices...nice :glasses:

    And from what I read, both chains and cables will work, but you just have to be extra careful so you don't damage the aluminum wheels and/or the abs line. If it would help, google the issue and read up on it. It seems to be a common topic as there's lots of info about it. Heck, you may even stumble across why GM and possibly other manufacturers have not addressed it. Or maybe they have and found more pros than cons to it being made this way. At a minimum, I think the possibility of damaging aluminum wheels would apply to all manufactures, not just GM. And from a personal standpoint, I'd rather have aluminum rims and not be able to put on chains, than steel for a number of reasons.
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