Snow Tires?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by SmokeU, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. SmokeU

    SmokeU Rockstar 100 Posts

    Was thinking about getting some for the winter but have never owned any and was wondering if there are even worth it?

    I have been just driving around on the tires that all me cars have come with but was just thinking about it:money:
  2. Silvercat

    Silvercat New Member


    YES!!! A Thousand times YES! depending on where you live of course. There is no substitute for a good winter tire. Its not so much the groves and syping..... its the rubber compound. It is much softer and tends to grab much better at cold tempuratures. All Seasons CANNOT compare, that rubber compound is very hard and unforgiving at low temps. Especially the TOURING type tires, they are another specialy formulated rubber compound too for hi milage and smooth quiet ride.
    I know its a pain and costly to go in and have them swapped over...but its cheap insurance in my books. One mishap can cover a life time of tire changes and you will be able to sleep at night too.
    I use a dedicated set of rims for winter and another for summer to save time and money. In the long run its the best way to go.
    4 Wheel Drive Does Not compensate for poor tire selection. Sure you can get going quicker...but you have to stop sooner or later and thats when things get interesting.
    With the winters you can drive with confidence and know you have done all you can to prepare for whatever mother nature can dish out.
    One mans opinion here but I can say it enough....
    YES, Winters are worth the money.
    Happy Trails...with the winters, you can be the one cutting trails :money:
  3. chevymon

    chevymon New Member

    ive had my truck 3 years and live in michigan. last winter we got more snow than usual and i ran my stock tires. they say that the skinner the tire with descent tread the better ull be in the snow. although if you do any towing a skinner tire wont be the best idea. im going to be putting BFGoodrich ATs on my 2006 2500HD this winter. ive been told good things about their snow handling. i will say though that the first year i had my truck i took the ugly stock rims off and got chrome rims and ran toyo ATs and those were awesone in the snow. those were good tires in general but i only got i think about 38,000 miles out of mine. i do alot of hauling. so id look into Toyo AT and BFGoodrich AT. n for snow dont go MT, u wont need that much if you just want good traction.
  4. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    I just got some bridgestone Duelar A/T Revo's which are amazing in the snow! if you have a smaller car I recommend going with the bridstone blizzaks...
  5. SmokeU

    SmokeU Rockstar 100 Posts

    here is what happened to my last car


    The main reason why I am so concerned this year ;)
  6. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    go to and check out the ratings for wet/snow performance for tires your size...
  7. blcdog

    blcdog New Member

    I siwtched to snows on my Jeep GC every winter in RI to head to VT. Never slipped or got stuck. Felt more confident on ice vs the summer Coopers ATRs.
    Have Nokians on my 08 Sub now.
    For snow/ice, good money spent IMO.

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