So funny, you'll wet yourself!

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    Ok, I've got to tell this story. :rofl:

    My brother-in-law and his wife are expecting their first baby in 5 weeks. We threw a baby shower for them today. It was pretty cool. :great:

    My wife went to the store to get some balloons for the party. She went up to the floral counter to get an order for 6 pink baloons. They had to call someone over to get the ballons pumped up. My wife kinda walked off a bit, looked around and was just basically waiting. Another woman came over and ordered 12 balloons; 6 pink and 6 purple.

    The guy came over to pump up the balloons, apparently the other woman didn't know that my wife was there first and the guy made 12 pink baloons per the orders he was looking at. You know, may as well make all of the same color for both orders at the same time. The other woman got irate and started screaming and yelling. She ordered 6 pink and 6 purple! Not 12 pink. The poor kid running the balloon machine tried to tell her he was just making the same colors together to save time. Well, "I was here first! Make my order first!"

    Anyhow, she and my wife got into it becuase she said that my wife was trying to cut in line and some other stuff. She said some pretty bad things to my wife, and wifey responded with some attitude of her own. Not to stir the pot, but there could have been some "cultural differences" that fueled the fire. Oh well.

    Anyhow, the other woman got mad and demanded all of the balloons. "I'll just tall ALL of them!" That being the 12 that she ordered, plus the other 6 that my wife ordered. 18 total! Wifey said fine, take them it would only slow her down 3 minutes while he made some more. They had some more words in the line at the floral place (this was inside a large grocery store).

    Anynow, the woman checked out, but before she left she came back over to cuss and my wife again and call her names and an M-Fing B'ch on the way out the store! IT was a big scene, lots of people were looking at her like she was crazy. Oh well, it takes all kinds.

    The poor kid at the flower/balloons counter started to pump up the balloons for the baby shower we're throwing. Everyone was still in shock because this doesn't happen every day. Now, it's December and a cold front started to blow in this morning. It was getting very windy and cold outside. The front of the store is all 10' tall glass windows, so you can see out into the parking lot.

    Just then, someone yelled... "UGHT-OH, SHE LOST HER BALLOONS!!!!" The angry woman had lost control of these 18 balloons and they got out of her hand and started to fly across the parking lot!!!! Everyone at the front of this large grocery store started lauging hysterically. My wife about fell on the floor she was laughing so hard, she almost had an "accident". The clerks at the front could hardly control themselves they were laughing at this woman who was furiously stomping up and down just outside the store.

    She must have really needed these balloons becuase she came back into the store ... madder than fire at life, stomping up and down and shaking her cart back and forth. My wife got the last word.

    "I hope you have one heck of a day!"... and she walked out of the store still laughing hysterically holding tight to her 6 balloons.
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  2. Dj Friction

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    What Comes Around....Goes Around..........

    and that women got her's!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing
  3. finalday7

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    Very Nice. :great:
  4. 95CTburb19

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    haha YES! I love when people get what's coming to em. :rofl::rofl:
  5. GM_Guy

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    now that made My day :)
  6. homer911

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    thats is great cus we are dealing with some high winds today and 8 to 10 inches of snow. LOVE IT JUST LOVE IT :rofl:
  7. MD4x4 Fireman

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    thats funny sh!t right there
  8. Holy Smoke

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    STEVE,,, My jaw is on the floor.. On the one hand , sorry your wife got that type of treatment from some really angrey person, but on the other hand, I'm glad the lady lost the balloon in the same parking lot that she had made such a fuss at, and your wife and everyone got to see it.
    Thanks much for sharing.
    Goes to prove, always be good, cause there is a God.
    I'm still on the floor.:rofl::party::rofl:
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