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  1. 89suburban350

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    Saw another 80's suburban... but this one was a total junker.. and he wanted like 1100.00 dollars for it.. then a few weeks later i saw at a local car festival a guy who had one in less condition than mine and he wanted 3000.00 for it... So my question for you gentlemen today is... What makes these cars so desirable that you can sell them for that much even if they are in such horrible condition?
  2. Cableguy

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    The drive-line bare minimun can be yanked from it. Especially a 4x4.
  3. Crawdaddy

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    Your location says it all. The old Suburbans, or any Sub in general, is a very desirable vehicle down south for the rebuilding effort, even 2 years later. I was lucky enough to get my near-mint 91 Sub for 1500 bucks, and that was 1.5 years after Katrina.
  4. 89suburban350

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    ok i just thought that was wierd
  5. tbplus10

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    Keep in mind lots of times what they ask for and what they settle for are two very different amounts.
    I know where there are 5 running 87 to 91 Suburbans the owner's asking between $1800 and $4200 for, I also know that an on the spot cash offer of $1700 will buy you the highest priced one he's got.
  6. Crawdaddy

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    tbplus, is this one guy with all 5? Also, any with 4wd? In the next 2 weeks, I will be passing through the Dallas area with my cousin going to pick up another car....I might just try to cram a Sub on the car hauler trailer :) I'd very much appreciate some info.....
  7. phoebeisis

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    Suburbans are cheap now.

    Suburbans are kinda' cheap now down in South Louisiana. Crawdaddy got his 1991 in good shape for $1500-I paid $2950 for my high mile-195,000 1998 in otherwise good shape with a trans rebuild at 185,000,and AC, intake gasket redone/rebuilt at 155,000 miles.
    I've noticed lots of 1996-1999's with 100,000-125,000 miles for $3900 to $6000 (asking) in the paper and on Craigs List.Most are 2wd;there aren't as many 4x4's here in the south-no snow.
    I've also noticed that some 2000's (5.3's) have dropped below $10,000(asking).Prices are definitely down because of gas prices.If you don't drive a lot of miles,they are a real bargain.I drive mine about 80 miles/week,and have been averaging about 15 mpg lately.I'll use about 250 gallons/yr.
    You can buy a new GM motor-5.7-for $2500 delivered,so you can spiff one up(new motor/trans) for about $4500(new GM trans for $1800 delivered) with a good expectation of another 150,000 miles.If you need a versatile vehicle with lots of hauling room(evacuation etc), now is the time to buy.
  8. tbplus10

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    One lot. AAA Auto Buyers in Fort Worth Tx, on Jacksborro Hwy.
    I believe he's got a website, I havent been on it for a couple years tho.
    If I remember correctly two are 4X4.
    Check Craigslist for DFW area and you'll find a lot of Suburbans in that price and year range in this area. Texas is Suburban country theres an equal amount of 2x4 and 4x4's for sale.
  9. phoebeisis

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    Right-TX is used Suburban Central

    tbplus10 is right; TX is used Suburban Central.Look on Ebay-1/2 of the Suburbans on Ebay are in TX.The prices are pretty good in general,and they usually have a fair number of under 80,000 mile vehicles.Folks seem to run the wheels off Suburbans;they don't trade them in until they have 130,000 miles or so on them.
    You can usually get a better deal buying from a private seller locally.Some private sellers ask waaaaay too much-asking,and expecting to get the same price they see a dealer asking.No way can you get a dealer asking price, they can finance etc,so they can get more for a vehicle.They also usually do a primo job of detailing-they can make any POS look pretty decent.
    TX is a good place to buy.They also aren't the rustbuckets that come from the Midwest and NE.Sorry about the cheapshot(you guys from those areas) but 10 year old vehicles from those areas are frequently all but shot.Make sure you check the history to see if they have lived in the midwest/NE. I'm not sure just how far south salt is used, but cars from the snow/salt belt are usually rough.
    Lotta car competition in TX-good place and time to buy a Burb.
  10. unplugged

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    Some folks use the "Make me sell it" pricing theorem. Like this 1970 VW Bug for $5k! when you can have this 86 Porsche 928 for $5600? Of course given a choice, I'd pick the VW. At least I could work on it.:rofl:


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