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    Ok, I've asked about one option which is wheel spacers.

    The other options ( to do all of this without getting the truck a suspension lift )

    1 - Using the stock rims on the truck, just to get some wheel spacers and throw on the widest possible tyres for the standard rims.


    2 - Get new rims and new tyres.

    Problem with option 2 is that the costs are mounting up. See pic ( black ones ) below. THe 17" version will cost me 3,000 Saudi Riyals ( about $800) and each tyre would cost 1750 SR ( $466). that's without even considering the cost of getting the truck lifted.

    Option 3 - I could get then in 16", the tyres would be slightly cheaper and wouldn't then need a suspension lift?


  2. nottmbantam

    nottmbantam Rockstar 100 Posts

    Ending up answering my own questions at this rate....

    i think what what im tempted to do is go for 16" rims with widest possible tyres. Avoids having to go for a suspension left and avoids dabbling with wheel spacers.

    Now - just have to find the right set of rims. Still tempted to go with the black ones in the pic above, but would want a bigger offset..

    and just for the sake it, here's a pic of the truck



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