So what exactly is Hydro Dipping?

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    Shawn, can you explain to me and everyone else on here what Hydro Dipping is? From your other post you said the following,

    I found this photo randomly on the web, but it's a hydro-dipped camo wheel, I guess this is the type of thing that can be done to just about any surface? If so, I may have some stuff that I need dipped. :)

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    Never heard of it till now
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    Hydro Dipping, also referred to as Water Image transfer printing, is a process of transferring a image to an item via water. To brag it down in its simplest form:

    Any item that is a non porus surface will work. The exception to this rule is animal skulls which even tho they are bone which are porous. The item is cleaned and sanded.

    A primer is then added. After the primer has cured a basecoat paint is applied. Some film designs have transparent areas in which the base color will show through.

    Once the base color has dried you can now dip the item. The film design is placed in a heated dip tank and allowed to soak for 60 seconds or so. A chemical activator is then sprayed over the film which turns the film from a solid to a liquid. The ink floats on top of the water and has a consistency of oil on water or honey.

    The item is then dipped in to the film transferring the image to the item being dipped. The item is allowed to dry them a automotive grade clear coat is applied.

    Clear coats can be a matte, satin, or gloss finish.

    There are videos on Youtube on hydro dipping...its a very cool process. Beware....the videos on youtube make it look easy...which is deceiving! :glasses:

    Everyone asks me about durability. Once the clear coat is applied it is as durable as an automotive paint on a car. Automotive parts from valve covers, to radiator shrouds can be dipped and hold up to the heat of the engine bay.

    When it comes to firearms any exterior part of the gun can be dipped to include barrels. I generally do not like when the entire gun is dipped, I think guns and rifles look better when the barrels are not dipped to add some contrast, but as a rule they can be dipped.

    **Gorilla Hydro Dip does not have a gunsmith...nor do we have Federal Firearms Licesne(FFL). What this means is that you can send us any part of the firearm EXCEPT the receiver.


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