Soft or Hard Tonneau Cover???

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  1. meech

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    Bed dimensions

    I measured the width of the bed at the rails of my 2007 new body style Silverado and it is about 62 at the back and 63 3/4 at the cab. I have been thinking about the Bakflip cover but am wondering how it will fit since the bed isn't square. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. ctruhn

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    I am actually surprised no one has mentioned Retrax! I have one on my *please don't kill me* 2004 Ranger and my father has one on his '06 F-150 and they are GREAT! It is a sliding hard top cover. You have the durability of a hard top cover (I can stand on mine), with the accessibility of a soft top. It locks and it is 100% waterproof. It can lock at ANY place on the bed, but where the 3 clamp downs are (~2" a piece) and it looks great.

    The only con is that it is pricey. ~$1000 but oh man is it worth it. I have had so many compliments about it and tons of people ask where to get them. I ordered mine straight from Retrax and installed myslef, which took only about an hour and since it is clamped down it takes very little work and is almost impossible to screw up.

    I just signed a buyers agreement for an 07 Silverado LTZ today and hope to have it NLT Wednesday and that will be the second thing I put on it after the bed-liner. I have a Rhino liner in my current truck truck but haven't decided if I want to go Line-X or not for my new one.

    Good luck with finding a tonneau cover you are happy with, but if you can stand to spend the $$$ I HIGHLY reccomend it. I would post a link but I just signed up to the forums and haven't read the rules yet and don't want to violate on my first post! Just google it.
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    I think I am the only one on this site that has this, but here goes nothing! I have a DiamondBack cover, it is a solid diamondplate 3-piece cover. The front and rear hatch open and are fully lockable, it has a 1,000lb. loading capacity on the top of it. I have had a four wheeler on mine, it enables you to keep all of your stuff in the bed. It has 2" channel running the full width of the cover every 6", each section weighs 75lbs. so it is not easy to take off. I have mounted a roll bar on the front hatch which definately turns a lot of heads, anyways I have had two of these covers and I love them. I feel anything else is just a waste of money but that's just my opinion, for a 5' 8" bed it will set you back $2,000 with all the available options.
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    Those Retrax covers are sweet. That is what im gonna get when i get around to it. It the best of both worlds.
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    the soft is the way to go if u r goin to any wrk with your truck. easy to roll up. but still keeps the snow and stuff from gettin in the bed when rolled out. hard tops get in the way. u should just buy a sububran if you dont want the bed. so soft is def. the way to go. i would go with a lund soft top. looks really nice. and buy a new one so it dosnt sag.

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