Soft / smooth riding 20 inch tire suggestions

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by kalashluvr, Dec 15, 2010.

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    I just put on a set of Cooper Zeon LTZ's. (275-55-20) Factory tires were Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Seemed to feel everything on the road with them. While I only have about 100 miles on these Cooper's, IMO, they ride 10x's better than the Goodyears. Had 40k on the Goodyears.
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    Thanks for the reply...I'm glad to hear there's hope after Goodyears!! I'll be waiting for a report with more miles. What's the air pressure in the Coopers?
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    I'm running 30 lbs just like the Goodyears. I thought they should be more but the garage that mounted them said to run 30. Now these tires are more aggressive than the Goodyears. So if you're looking for a summer/touring tire, these probably won't fit the bill. I live in NW PA so I needed something that was better in weather than the stock tires that came with the truck. Hope this helps.
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    Like one of the earlier posts said, it's primarily due to the aspect ratio of the side wall on the low profile tires. These have several adavantages: looks, larger contact patch, reduced rolling resistance (better milage) You might spend a lot of time and effort swapping tires and find nothing is as good (ride-wise) as changing to a smaller wheel with more sidewall.
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    There's no doubt in my mind that going to a smaller wheel and taller side wall would resolve every ride problem that I have....but I whined and complained to my wife so much about wanting a Silverado with "those 20 inch wheels" and I don't even want to think of the argument that would ensue if I did a wheel swap...I'll live with my rough ride before I do that!! :)

    But, I'm sure there's a better riding tire out there than the Goodyear tires that are OE....I just need to hear from a few folks that have replaced theirs and can state that there was a definite improvement.
  6. Michelin LTX M/S2 are probably one of the best highway tires you can get. my dad just replaced his 1st set of these Michelin's on his 04 silverado, they last almost 90,000 miles! that is what i'll be putting on my 2010 silverado once the original tires wear out. here's a link for them: 1500 2wd&autoModClar=Crew Cab
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    Grab a copy of CONSUMER REPORTS (or subscribe to -- the online edition). I bought the GENERAL GRABBER HTS to replace my OE tires (16" stock rims), because they were rated best overall for highway driving. I do NOT regret my purchase (bought them online from -- as they had the best price, by far, at the time). Here are the most recent TIRE RATINGS, from my consumer reports online subscription:

    Tire Brand & Name - Avg. Price - Rating (100 being best)

    General Grabber HTS - $105 - 80
    Continental CrossContact LX - $108 - 73
    Kumho Road Venture APT KL51 - $104 - 72
    Cooper Discoverer CTS - $159 - 68
    Michelin LTX M/S - $165 - 67
    Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G051 - $111 - 67
    Firestone Destination LE - $106 - 66
    Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza - $154 - 66
    Dayton Timberline HT II - $99 - 66
    Pirelli Scorpion STR A - $128 - 65
    Goodyear Wrangler SR-A - $133 - 64
    Dunlop Radial Rover A/T - $118 - 63
    Hankook DynaPro AS RH03 - $98 - 63
    Goodyear Fortera TripleTred - $162 - 63
    Toyo Open Country H/T - $108 - 62
    Nitto Dura Grappler Highway Terrain - $148 - 61
    Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 - $119 - 58
    Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country - $103 - 55
    BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A - $127 - 53
    Falken Ziex S/TZ-04 - $102 - 50 ​

    YMMV - karl
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    ...just adding the following for general FYI as to "tires and their makers"

    * goto: Tips/whoownswho.htm

    * scroll to the last section on that page, entitled:
    Tire Manufacturer Web Sites

    * just above that section heading is an interesting note regarding "who owns who" as to tire manufacturers.

    NOTE that "Continental" owns "General" (and both brand names are #1 and #2 on the Consumer Reports list which I posted above). And, of course, below that TITLED section is a list of links to a plethora of tire makers' websites.

    FWIW - karl
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    Know where you're coming from. If you haven't tried, you might try adjusting air pressure a bit. The low profile tires are lot more sensitive to air pressure changes +/-2 lb can make a pretty big difference due to smaller volume of air in the tire.

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