Some new lights on my truck

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by 2011laserblue, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Yes it will help lightning for the truck on trails so I understand that. I just always thought it was too much for the front in. It looks so much cleaner without it and just looks weird on the truck from any angle when looking at it. Maybe offroad lights behind the grille would look better.

    So you work at the dealership, then that make perfect sense. So you are kind of obligated to keep it on there I guess.
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    Thank you I appreciate it! And thanks for the tip, I'll keep and eye on it!

    And yeah I know what you mean....gahh....decisions decisions. My main thing is I just don't want my truck to look gaudy. I see so many trucks with so much "stuff" on them, and yeah it looks cool but they are just trying too hard. Maybe just an NFAB light bar instead of the bull bar?? Regardless I think I'm going to back to the chrome and black grille.

    And yes...obligated..putting it mildly :lol:
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    That N-fab looks 100x better than that bully bar
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    I feel exactly the same way -- as in I like spice but not so much that it chokes me. Plainly put, there's such a thing as going too far and the moment a truck does ... it just looks tacky. Case in point, @Enkeiavalanche posted this thread (!!!!) earlier that has this truck referenced in it:


    The guy has a LOT of cash tied up in his mods and it's clear he's going for the prerunner look ... but does it look good? Not to me it doesn't. It's too much ... and to me it's just ridiculous. I don't care how much he spent, that looks as bad to me as a ricer with one of those fart mufflers looks. (I suppose it's proof that money can't buy taste...)

    Now that you know how I tend to perceive things, I'll give you my 2 cents on the items you mentioned:

    • The grille and colour-matched bowtie you have on the truck, now, is clean-looking and, to my eye, perfect. I wouldn't change a thing, there.
    • Lightly smoked tails to match the smoked cab and 3rd brake light would be fine .... as long as you don't go too dark. Basically tint them down to keep the red from pulling the eye off your blue -- but don't blacken them as that'll draw the eye back to them.
    • You will have crossed into gaudy territory (as far as I'm concerned) if you tack on a bull bar and off-road lights that are self-obviating. Even off-road lights that are visible behind the grill will draw the eye to them, so I wouldn't do that, either.

    If it were my truck and I wanted some trail lighting that was low-profile in looks, highly effective, practically indestructible, and difficult to steal once mounted ... I'd measure the width of the open slot in the front bumper (which is basically dead space that they eye skips over) and order a Rigid SR-series LED bar (and matching cradle mount) to be mounted within the bumper such that it filled the width of that slot. At a distance the look of the nose of your truck would remain unchanged while, up close, a careful observer would notice the LED bar. You could smoke the bar if you felt it added too much chrome to that slot, but I don't personally think it'd be an issue ... and it'd certainly add less chrome than a bull bar and ugly round lights.

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  5. 2011laserblue

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    I think Surreal is talking something like this.
  7. 2011laserblue

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    May seem like a question with an obvious answer, but I do not know the answer....
    Why is that opening there in the first place...what is it for?

    I think that is what he is talking about as well, but I don't think my opening is as wide as the one in the picture. That's slick as heck though.
  8. SurrealOne

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    Thanks for the compliment! As for the lights you linked, I think those would look sharp -- they're not too dark and most of the red is gone. It seems ideal.

    That's exactly what I was talking about.

    As for the opening, it's another vent opening. On my truck it exists as two 9" wide openings in the bumper. Behind them is a piece of plastic that forces air coming into those openings up and into the same air path that flows through the radiator.

    For me it's moot -- I upsized my radiator from a 28" to a 34" ... and also have the 40k GVWR Tru-cool transmission cooler. I also did an efan replacement (your truck should already have efans) and my efans are set to come on at 190F and they almost never run unless the truck is sitting still for an extended period. Add all of this up and I am 100% sure that I don't need this airflow. I'll be filling my two slots with a pair of 10" Rigid SR-series light bars I have sitting in the shop. It's just been too cold to do the work.

    I honestly don't think the airflow is needed on trucks with unmodified cooling sytems unless they're doing a lot of towing, are running one of the big diesel engines, or something of that nature...


    P.S. Pardon my edits, below, I was fetching the links for that Avalanche and decided to clean up my format, overall, when adding them. You might want to read through, again. That truck makes me want to vomit...
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    The answer is so obvious I don't even know it :lol:
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    We need chat since we're all online. Too bad it's gone, as I can't respond quickly enough (I'm a bit verbose, I know) ... resulting in edit city to avoid multi-posting.

    See below for what's behind the opening (at least on my truck). The piece of plastic that's just beneath my OEM tranny cooler (and between the tow hooks) in this photo is what causes air coming into the twin bumper openings I have to be steered up through the radiator along with air coming through the main grille. I'd imagine something similar is behind the bumper slot on NNBS trucks.

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