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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by 2011laserblue, Jan 5, 2013.

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    After hearing Surreal comments about that Avalanche, he probably wouldn't be caught dead in my truck :sign0020:

    But yes we do need chat back.
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    You're right, I wouldn't be caught dead in your FORD Bronco! As for your 02 Silvy, the side graphics are a bit much for my own taste as I'm a debadged/demolded kind of guy when it comes to the sides ... but they aren't over the top or tacky by any means. I like your Silvy quite a lot and feel that you've successfully blended 3 colours (white, black, and chrome) ... which is much harder to do well than a two-tone blend. :)
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    Here is two 6" KC Daylighters with 100w PIAA extreme white bulbs, you can see them behind the grille. One of my favorite mods, I never had a big transmission cooler or anything special and the temps never went up.

    By the time I was done with the truck, It had 2 PIAA 520's on the bullbar, and I had 4 more PIAA 520's on rollbar in the bed, so I had 8 total.

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    On my 96, which doesn't have those weird openings, I have my aux lights under the bumper with two holes cut from the lower valence. I didn't cut the holes the original owner did, but I utilized them with two 55w driving lights from HFT that only cost me $12. You can get the same lights from Blazer at Walmart for about the same. They are really bright and if you read the instructions really durable. I had to waterproof mine because they aren't totally weather proof, but it just takes some electrical tape.

    I need to replace one of them that got ripped off and ran over in deep snow. They are brighter than my headlights by far and I currently run Sylvania Silverstar Ultras.
    2012-04-02_21-24-30_966.jpg 2012-05-13_09-16-04_392b.JPG

    I may add a set of fog lights or something because there is room for two lights.
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    Thanks Surreal! Yes not everyone is a Ford fan (especially you) or a Bronco fans, but lucky Chevy fans do have the K5, which I like also. Thanks for Silvy compliments, I really like the 3-color scheme I have but I cant take credit for it. The truck was a gift from my grandfather when he passed so it was his baby. I haven't brought himself to change it, just improve on it. :glasses:

    Sorry for being off topic 2011laserblue.
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    No need to pardon your edits, it is because of people like you why this site is so helpful to myself and many others, so I applaud and thank you for it! After a lot of staring and studying I still haven't decided what I want to just flat comes down to what I want to spend my money the near future I would like to gear down to a 3.73 and get some gibson headers to go along with my exhaust.

    Im leaning towards putting the black grille on, getting the tail lights...then see how it looks and decided whether or not to put the bar on with the lights or fill the opening (which is what I've got my mind on now) - what is brighter?

    I also think I'm going to paint the outside of my tailgate latch and leave the small piece chrome. A buddy of mine recommended that I color matched everything but I'm not sure I want to do that...I kind of like a little chrome. Also thought about demolding/badging....just don't want it to look like a WT. Anyone got pics of a demolded silverado??
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    That's a tough question to answer -- specifically because the size of the LED bar will dictate the raw output in lumens that you'd need to compare to whatever lamps you might bar-mount or place behind the grille.

    Note, however, that measuring lumens of output isn't really an adequate gauge of what you can see at night. Why? The -type- of light (i.e. the colour temperature of the light) plays a lot into what you can see in a given set of conditions. LEDs (which is what you'd use in the slot opening) and HIDs put out a whiter light (i.e. higher colour temperature) than halogens (which are more yellow in tint) ... and with that whiter light you can see some things better, other things not as well.

    As an example -- yellower light works better in fog because it's not as reflected by the fog as whiter light ... so halogens win over HIDS and LEDs, there. However, the reflection from the retinas and white tails of deer are, from my experience, more easily seen (i.e. more reflected) with whiter light than with yellower light ... so LEDS and HIDs win, there ... and on a crisp, clear night you can likely see farther with whiter light than you can with yellower light.

    See what I'm getting at as to why in addition to the raw output in lumens you must ALSO consider the colour temperature of the light?

    Rigid does make covers for ther LED bars such that you could make the light amber or red or blue if you wanted ... but the way they snap on you'd need to make that choice prior to putting them into the bumper ... and live with said choice. It's probably a non-option (I know I ruled it out for myself), but I figured I'd mention it.


    P.S. Be warned that Rigid's gear is not cheap. That's key advantage that doing some lights behind the grille or on a bar has -- much, much cheaper! But also note that both halogens and HIDs inside of housings get hotter than and draw more amps than LEDs. Ultimately you need to go with what suits YOUR taste, not mine or anyone else's. If you like round and on a bar, do it! If you like behind-the-grille, do that!
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    Haha no problem at all!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    And Surreal, thanks again for yet another great response....I've got some thinking to do...I'll let you all know what I deicide!
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    Damn you [MENTION=50075]SurrealOne[/MENTION]. LOL. That is what I was also going to suggest. I have been looking into them also. There is another LED option. 4wheelparts sells an led bar that mounts to the top mounting bolts for the license plate frame on the front. It seems like it would be fairly easy to install/remove them when you need them. Say if you are going trail riding install. After you are done remove. That way the look of your truck stays clean as it is now and purposeful when on the trail.
    I am not a fan of bull bars and other light bars on a truck. If it was a truck used to blast through dunes and things like that I understand the need for the extra lights, but it still is not a look that I am a big fan of. I also like chrome. Yes it is a pain to keep it looking nice but I like the shine. So I would say keep the chrome on the front.
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    I saw that when searching and I ruled it out for myself because I don't like things that are easily stolen ... and that was too easily removed by someone who could then run off with it.

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