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  1. burbanguy

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    Ok guys, I'm beginning to get more and more involved with my truck. I currently use it to tow my 8.5x16x7 enclosed trailer and I've installed air shocks on it to help the ride. My question is, I found these bbk underdrive pullies and I want to get some feedback on how well our L05 motors respond to these. This would be a great upgrade for towing right? Also, my window switches don't work anymore and the motors in them are also going out and I want to do away with them by just getting the whole manual setup from a junk yard and convert it to manual. Is this an easy one Saturday project? Any special tools needed or just the basic garage tools?
  2. Old Truck Guy

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    Basic hand tools is all you need, "except the window crank snap ring tool" for removal of the crank on the manual vehicle. If you have a long 8" or so thin flat blade screwdriver you can get by with this. Your 1st time will take 2 hours (guessing) not a hard job. You get to know your vehicle a little better. Clean & grease the manual gear and track before assembly. I think this info is in the manuals if you have one. I would take apart the manual door first and look at the components to see if they are worn. Good Luck.........!
  3. burbanguy

    burbanguy Rockstar

    Ok thanks. Any info on the pulley set?
  4. X-Hibition

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    So you are towing a trailer and slowing down your water pump? Sound like a recipe for disaster?

    Unless you are towing the trailer a 1/4 mile at a time I would leave this mod to the racers. There are plenty of better options for increasing mileage and power.
  5. burbanguy

    burbanguy Rockstar

    Good point. I failed 2 realize this but even a underdrive crank pulley would have a negative affect?

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