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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Sierraowner5.3, Jun 6, 2012.

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    I didn't see a truck but that Brunet in the red dress was Hot. Thanks for sharing. :rofl:
  3. Untouchable

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    Good article.
  4. SupplySgt

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    Lol that's one of my favorite songs. Somethin bout a girl in a red sundress too. Especially if she's wearing cowboy boots *drools*
  5. Sierraowner5.3

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    DOWN BOY!!!!


  6. the phantom

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    Nice video! Although I kind of cringed when he slid down his hood. But since he did that I woulda turned around and put her on the hood.:lol:
  7. Ape

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    I was raised a hick on farms and ranches with horses cattle and all the fixin's, so I can relate to this article (and country music of course!) and it's intent.
    I've never been a fan of all the non stop extra electronics and conveniences of newer vehicles. They may be nice in the short run for comfort and entertainment, but the fact is that these newer vehicles aren't designed for longevity. The makers (and Govt these days) want new vehicles to be a throw away purchase.
  8. Barnettamb

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    i agree way to many electronics....they need to learn to keep it simple.
  9. Ape

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    Sad part is, they will never go back to less electronics with more reliability and longevity. Mainly because it means less profits in the short term and long term. :-/

    Back when I used to buy new vehicles, I always made sure to get the most basic model. No electric locks, mirrors, seats, etc...etc...
    But even with that, you just can't get away from the computers and all of the electrically and digitally controlled emissions junk. So these days I always buy used and go for as simple a set up as possible.
  10. SupplySgt

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    Whether I want manual crank windows or not depends on the vehicle and where the crank is placed. I've had cars before where it was downright dangerous to roll down the windows while driving. Not to mention, I do like in the Burb when I can roll all the windows down without pulling off and getting out. I don't mind it in the Camaro though cause I can reach the other crank while I'm at a light if need be. I also like having a CD player (although an aftermarket one is usually one of the first things I put into a car/truck) and other nice toys with my truck as well. In fact, mine will be pretty high tech when all is said and done. Now I don't need nav or onstar or anything like that but there are some options that I like. That being said, most of the newer ones are too loaded for my tastes, even the base models. EFI is not a bad thing IMO. Since my truck is my primary vehicle during the winter months, it's very nice not having to deal with the cold start issues that even the best tuned carburetors have. I'm used to tuning newer OBDII motors (I learned those before the old school motors out of necessity) so the computerization of them is not necessarily a bad thing in my eyes. I can find tune an OBDII motor FAR more precisely than a carburetor (and I'm good with a qjet I might add) and certainly better than an OBDI motor. Burning chips for the early EFI motors is a rather imprecise way of tuning. I'd rather deal with a carb then the early EFI (other than maybe the tuned ports).

    Guess what I'm trying to say is while the newest trucks have too much for me, I do like somewhat of a middle ground, even if I have to customize a bit to get exactly what I want.

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