something is flaking off my windows!

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    just got off the phone with a mothers window tint representative, the ones who did my tint many, many years ago... and once i described the problem he immediately knew what I was describing.... so apparently you are NOT supposed to use ammonia products on tinted windows, (my family has always used windex, however, i think it has only been in the recent years that ammonia has been incorporated into the formula) he said what it does is slowly removes the tint layer by layer over time, the best method is supposed to be soap and water... he said when you get your windows tinted they are supposed to notify you of this, however when i had this done 6+ years ago, i was never notified...
    he also said there is no reversing this process, it would have to be completely redone :/
  2. Dana W

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    Ammonia has been in Original Windex since day one. Windex multi-surface & glass cleaner does not have ammonia in it.
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    Every time that I have had tint installed they gave me a few sheets of paper. one with all of the warranty info like batch and roll number of the film used. The other always had care instructions, like dont roll your windows down for a certain amount of time, dont use cleaners with ammonia. dont clean them with a brillo pad. I actually just found the info for my 95, I wanted to get the faded tint replaced under warranty. Unfortunately, the company was bought by another company that will not honor warranties pre 2005 :grrrrrr:

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