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    [h=2]1995 gmc suburban k1500 slt 5.7 piston rings[/h]
    hey i apologize for not posting much been doing some work on the burbon and also on my wifes car. heres the thing im using a lot of oil. no known leaks. loss of power wont pull a hill on the interstate even when im already running 70 to 75 mph. im pretty sure my rings are gone. i was just curious if changing the rings would help or should i go with the valve seats as well. and should i replace the pistons along with the rings. guess its hard to know without digging into the motor. problem is i lost my job after almost cutting my hand off about 2 years ago and have been unable to find a job so in other words im barely making the bills and dont have money to spend well not a lot. any thoughts and responses are welcomed and i will try to do a better job at posting. my last question if i do decide to just do the rings about how long does that take someone said 1 to 2 days for a 4 cylinder so am i really looking at 4 days to just change rings on my 1995 5.7 anyway again thank you all for your time and consideration ​

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