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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Mike350, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. kennythewelder

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    Yes my box is sealed. All the boxes I have built are sealed. I make 2 sides about 2 inches longer than the other 2 sides, so that the speaker can fire against the floor. I have spent around $1000 on my complete system, may be a little less. I like good crisp clean sound and base. I like all kind of music. I like Country, Rock, Metal, and some Rap. My system sound good no mater what I listen to. I have found that having the same brand head unit, and amp seams to work best. They are all designed to work together. When you mix match the head unit, and amp, its doesn't seam to be as good.
  2. Mike350

    Mike350 New Member

    Thanks I think I'm decided on the headunit then with the kenwood excelon. Speakers I was recommended to alpine type R components but they're about 300 and I'm wondering if I really need to spend that much on speakers
    sounds like I want a sealed box as well. I've been browsing crutch field and reading up as much as I can to figure out the sub/amp combo. I'll look into the kenwood and jl audio. And yeah I'll be sure to pay attention to RMS rather than getting suckered by peak specs
  3. Enkeiavalanche

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    Alpine Type R's are good but are power hungry to sound good. Look into the Focal K2's a bit more of a fuller sound..
  4. Mike350

    Mike350 New Member

    Sounds like essentially what Im looking for

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    Are they any cheaper? I'll look for them- would you recommend amount speakers as well as the sub or just sub- I was originally planning on both- is that stil the best course of action would you say? Also I'm figuring no rear speakers because I've been told by a few buddies that they don't add anything to the system and take away from bass if you don't have bass blockers in
  5. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    if all you have are the 4x6's in the rear then I would look for a adp to put in a 5 1/4. As for speakers you should always stay with the same brand and models radio and amps you can change but if you are going with the Kenwood Head they do make some good amps too and I think they have a nice 5Ch..
  6. taxidriver20

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    Focal K2's I think will be a little out of his price range.....But they are one hell of a speaker I have the 6.5 component k2's up front and the smaller ones in the rear with 2 k2 tweeters in each corner of the dash...really brings the soundstage up more toward ear level all running off a JL audio hd 600 incredible sound the more u pump up the volume the more those focals sing!!
  7. kennythewelder

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    Everything in my truck is pioneer except the Sony 10 explode in a box that I bought to go under the back seat, that is Rhino line coated on the outside, and bolted down in place. I used pioneer speakers that fit in the original factory holes. Speakers, amp and install kit all came from Walmart, box from a car audio shop, and the head unit from best buy, for around $150 or $160. So 2 door speakers, 2 rear speakers, 1-10 sub, 1 780 what amp, 1 box and 1 head unit. I'm not in competition, my system just is clean crisp sound with good base.
  8. Camaro69car

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    You may want to consider making your own box out of 3/4" MDF that way you can put it exactly where you want it.

    also I'm not sure if anyone mentioned sonicelectronix for your audio needs, but so far they have some of the best prices I could find.

    I personally stay away from capacitors. And I always but a NEW amp wiring kit. You just never know the issues you could run into.
  9. Mike350

    Mike350 New Member

    Sorry guys. Been away for awhile and really busy with work. But anyway thanks for all the tips etc. I'm thinking I'm gonna go ahead and upgrade my electrical system to handle auxiliary lights and sound system. Im thinking big three, heavier duty alternator, and possibly a new battery. After that I'll start building my system starting with head unit and speakers. It might be a little while till I can afford an amp and sub but I figure it'll sound alright with decent speakers and headunit untill I can afford more. Anyone have any suggestions with what alternator to get? And also do any of you know anything about the auxiliary battery? I know diesels came with them but mine has one as well.. It's not wired up to anything and idk jack **** about how I'm supposed to use it.. Especially if it's isolated and not connected to the alternator??
  10. Tachyon

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    I don't know if you've already done the work, but for future reference for others reading this. I'd always use factory adapters so that everything you do is reversible. For example, Scosche ( ) makes physical adapters to mount standard decks in factory holes as well as harness adapters so that you don't have to cut any wires on the factory wiring harness.
    Doing this means you can remove the stereo if/when you sell the truck and migrate it to a new vehicle. It also improves resale value.
    Plus it makes later upgrades easier not having to re-cut and hack all the wires again.

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