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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by cmobile, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. cmobile

    cmobile Former Member

    I just got a 95 Suburban K1500 with ~173K miles.
    I had to change the ignition wires cause one of them fell on the exhaust manifold and burned through.
    The wires which had 6k Ohms of resistance per foot. The new wires have only 0.5K Ohms per foot. I did not change the plugs currently have Autolite platinums (I know to switch to ACDeloc's,,,soon)

    upon inspection of the plugs, they matched the "plug picture" on the NGK website (
    dark black (not oily though) Most of the plugs matched the "Dry fouled" The resistance of the plugs measure 7.5K Ohms.
    Question 1--do the plugs look like they're not firing cause they're not AC Delco's.
    The truck didn't stumble, and got 14 MPG overall average prior to me changing wires.

    After I cleaned and re-gaped the plugs, cleaned the cap/rotor, and put on die-electric grease on the terminals it seems to run much smoother. However I noticed the vehicle sounds like it has a super charger on it now:gasp:. Perhaps I just didn't notice it before, (just jot 3 weeks ago)

    Question 2-- is this normal?
    It is not the clutch fan (which by the way sounds like a jet engine taking off, and stays on for the first 10 minutes of driving at temps about 30 deg)
    This sounds like a Whipple charger.
    Did I do something while I was changing plugs, or is this normal?

    Thanks for the help.

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  2. stephan

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    No you didn't cause the sound by changing the plugs. It's the fan. Your plugs (originally) were "soot fouled" maybe not wet, but still looking rich, probably due to one of the electrical maladies that you have now fixed.
  3. cmobile

    cmobile Former Member


    I caused the plug wire issue about 300 miles ago while fixing the quick connect heater core hose coupling that comes off the back of the intake manifold. it was leaking and very corroded.

    Would the plugs look that black and get soot fouled in just 300 miles or so? (about 1 week)

    I changed the O2 sensor first thing when I got the truck a few weeks ago.

  4. stephan

    stephan Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    Hey Chris, you can get soot fouled plugs like in just 30 seconds of idling. If you happend to start it cold, then shut it off & pulled the plugs they could easily look like that. Since it's running good now, I think you've solved it with your electrical repairs.
    If you can't live with the fan noise, a lot of guys convert to electric fans, either factory or aftermarket type.
  5. cmobile

    cmobile Former Member

    Thanks Stephan,

    I did idle for about 2 minutes trying to get the big thing in the garage. First start of the day and just long enough to get it in the garage.

    It just sounds different for some reason. I am used to the roar of the clutch fan.
    This is more like a whine.
    Perhaps I am still getting used to it.

    I am gonna switch to E-fans. I have to upgrade my alternator to a CS144 first and get rid of my little CS130. Then upgrade the alternator-to-battery primary from 8ga to 4ga wire.

    I found these cool fans with dual bearings with very low amp draw at.

    I found them on ebay and they have a great explanation about even getting 1 MPG better you can save $260 per year (based on 13k miles driven)

    That will pay for itself in about 1 year.

    I will monitor the sound closely and see what happens as the engine warms up.


  6. stephan

    stephan Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    If you're thinking this noise is different than what your fan sounded like before, then maybe it's an air intake noise.. Did you put a cold air intake on it? Have an air leak somewhere? Do you only hear this when you're out driving it or can you hear it outside with the hood up looking at the engine? Try & localize it. If you can't, then take the belt off, & start it up & see if the noise is gone. If it's still there without the belt on, then it's most likely air intake noise or somthing whining inside the engine. It could also be a vacuum leak, go back over everything you touched or moved during your previous repairs & see if you knocked smth loose, or left disconnected.
  7. cmobile

    cmobile Former Member

    I listened more carefully today and the sound was coming from the front of the engine. I took the belt off and spun all the pulleys. The alternator was whining ever so slightly. I took it in to Oreilly's auto and had it tested. It passed (electrically) but squealed while on the tester, we knew it was the bearings.

    Sooooo, This is great news. I upgraded to a 140amp alternator (CS140 frame) Unfortunately the only 140amp I could find that might fit is from a 96 Sub which is slightly different.
    Well all I did was slightly enlarged one of the holes on the bracket and replaced the bolt on that side to a larger nut/bolt combo. Then I upgraded the factory 8ga wire from alt to bat to a 4 ga I got from the pick'n'pull yard, (was a ground wire)

    So far so good. I need to get a longer serp belt as this one barely fits now.
    I think I'm ready for 6000 CFM dual electric fans.

    Thanks for the trouble shooting tips.

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