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    So, I have been trying to find out what kind of new tag or weight upgrade I need to be in compliance with the law in order to tow a tractor and a camper. I was told that I need to get a "P tag" with a wieght limit of 20,000 lbs in order to haul 10,000 lbs. $200 every two years I might add. Because my empty truck wieght is 6614lbs and gross viehicle weight is 8000lbs with my current tag. And if I am going to haul a camper I need to go to the DMV and take a road test with the camper to get a "provision" added to my licences so I can tow the camper. Some how this is a new law that no one knows about that was added about 2yrs ago. Very nice of our government to let people know about this.:grrrrrr: Do any of you know of other States requiring this sorta thing?
    I am going to call another DMV office that handles the road test to verify this stuff. So stay tuned for possible more info
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    wow that sucks, i know here in MN we dont have to have a endorsement for camper towing
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    if they had this type of thing down here, the state would be making ALOT of money. i've never heard of having to have a tag or endorsement to tow a certain amount of weight other than for tractor trailors.

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