SouthEast Ga Silverado Club Anyone?

Discussion in 'GA - Georgia Boys Chevy Truck Club' started by lilt1986, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. lilt1986

    lilt1986 New Member

    anyone interested in starting a silverado club in southeast ga to do something a few times a month or so?
  2. southernlunatic17

    southernlunatic17 New Member

    hey im from southeast georgia.... im in the brunswick area... what do u have in mind.
  3. lilt1986

    lilt1986 New Member

    not real sure yet maybe meeting once or twice a month sumthin like that ridin around... open for suggestions really
  4. BigRedMoose

    BigRedMoose New Member

    Hey didn't know if you guys were still game for doing something. Just got a truck (well got another truck) and I'm looking around for some people to get one going. Let me know if anyone's up for it. Just name when and where!

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