spare tire cover

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    got this from a h3 hummer. was white.


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  2. TRPLXL2

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    That is sweet as hell! The attention to detail in that piece is beautiful, I am sure that it is a one of a kind tire cover! How big of a rim and tire does that hold, It looks to be pretty big? Keep up the great work on the truck Ralph, your attention to detail definately shows. :great::great::great:
  3. canislupis69

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    Too cool! Great detail work!
  4. Rockstar 100 Posts


    hi i think it will fit a 16 inch wheel with a 31 inch tire. i hope it will when i put biger tires on my truck
  5. bigburb

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    I wonder what the cops think about that?? :lol:

    That looks great!! And I couldn't help but noticing your American flag painted Bowtie on your avatar pic, did you do that? Thats looks awesome!! If I had the kinda skill, I would do that too!
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    hi no that will be in the bed of my truck. i have a tonoru cover. they wont see it. iam going to built a mount for it. make it remote so i can tilled it at the shows. the bow tie i brought a few years back
  7. Eddie Z71

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    Man that looks nice!:glasses: I think everything you are doing is paying off! Thanks for the pictures of one very nice Colorado!!!:great:
  8. s5belford

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    looks sweet, and it will be awesome when you get the automatic lift done!

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