Spark Plug install question on 5.3 L 2002 Tahoe

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  1. billsf100

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    Thanks for all the useful input on my other posts. I purchased a set of the Iridium A/C
    spark plugs for my 02 Tahoe. All of my vehicles have been older than the o2 Tahoe, and hoped to get a few pointers on changing the plugs. I have never seen the metal covers on plugs before, do they have to come off or just the plug wire boot? Should I be able to access all the plugs without removing any thing else? Sticker under hood says plug gap .060, new ones pre gapped at .040, should the gap be left at .040? Any special tool required or is it pretty much like changing plugs on an older engine, Thanks

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    The Metal Boot comes off with the plug far as removing and installing the plugs, its pretty straight forward.....the back plug on the passenger side, back by the fire-wall is the only tough one.....its just tight back there.

    ....The gap of.....0.60 is for the A/C Delco Platinum plugs which is what you Tahoe came with from the factory.......The Iridium plugs should be gaped at 0.40 right out of the box.....Check the Gap to make sure......But do not attempt to re-gap them as the Iridium tip can be easily damaged.....and last don't forget the anti-seize went installing the new plugs.

    Edit:.... a New set of plugs wires.....would be something to do at this
    time,along W/New plugs.
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  3. billsf100

    billsf100 New Member

    Plug wires, OEM or aftermarket.

    Can I get a good set at autozone or advance, what brand do you pick?

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    For Aftermarket wires.....JBA....MSD....Taylor....Are some of the ones mentioned most often....and Auto-Zone carries....MDS Wires.
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  5. 2COR517

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    Definitely leave the gaps at .040", truck will run much better. The Duralast wires from AutoZone are fine. Lifetime warranty.

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