Speaker and/or Stereo problem

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  1. OKSilveradoZ-71

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    Need some help with this one.

    In my silverado crewcab, I have had a problem with the only the front speakers working, No sound at all from the rear. The other night I check again before I take the door panels off to check the connections and the left rear speaker is working, but the right rear is not. I take the right rear panel off and check the connection, it is fine. Then I check again and the left rear speaker has stopped working again as well as nothing from the right speaker , but the front speakers have never had a problem.

    I am thinking that the problem is with the head unit, does this sound right?

    Thanks for the help,
  2. KMKsilverado

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    need to narrow it down to something test the wires coming to the rear speakers with another speaker and or hook th rear to the front to make sure the speakers work and or there is frequency goin to the rear. also that the fade isnt turned to front and do you have an stock or aftermarket iinterior amplifier that could possibly be blown. Start simple than go big.
  3. ZSI52

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    Is it stock or aftermarket? I just replaced a older amp in my truck that was doing that.
  4. OKSilveradoZ-71

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    The stereo is all stock. The fade was balanced in the middle and no sound and when turned to the rear only, there was no sound either. I got a chance last night to check to rear speakers by moving one the front door and moving the front to rear and found my problem is with the rear speakers. Rears wouldn't play when plugged in up front, but the fronts played in the back. So, it looks like new rear speakers for me. Merry Christmas to me!! lol.

    What are some good speakers to look at in the price range of $50 to $80 per pair? Any suggestions as to what brands to buy or not buy would be great. I have been looking at Crutchfield but have decided on anything yet. I do know that in the future I would like to add an amp and a sub or two(something simple--2 10's probably).

    Thanks for the help and suggestions!
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