Speakers for rear pillars in a 96 Silverado

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  1. zzjakect

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    Suggestions! Speakers for rear pillars in a 96 Silverado

    I just bought a new Jensen head unit and changed out the front speakers in my son's truck. I'd like to change the rear 6x4 pillar speakers also. Any recommendations? Crutchfield says I can use either a 6x4 or a 4 inch round speaker back there. I'd like the best bang for the buck of course, but want good sound. Should they be full range speakers or just woofers? The front door speakers I put in are full range. Thanks for any input!
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  2. Stealth

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    Do you already have a subwoofer? If so, I think going with full range would be the better option. If not, I'm no expert but depending on how what kind of sound you want then the decision will change.
  3. ntbush83

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    Go with full range for sure! Component speakers are the best and you'll really like the results. Also replacing those speakers in the rear pillars is a pain! its easy to break the plastic. A lot of stores won't even install speakers for the rear pillars on that body style anymore but as long as your careful its not bad :)
  4. zzjakect

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    Thanks for your thoughts. I do not have a sub woofer yet, but it is in the plan. I think I'll go with the full range speakers.
  5. bwhitt86

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    Those real speakers are horrible to replace. It's certainly you will break somthin. They are very flimsy. I've been installing stereo stuff for years and those are the only speakers it refuse to do unless the customer buys replacement panels. I have a 98 and i just routes my sirius antenne through the 3rd brakelight and managed to break a clip clean off. There's really no reason to replace the rear ones. Just use that money to buy a good set of component 6th 1/2 for the front. Their just 4x6 speakers in the back that suck even with a good set. I got a set of Boston pros with a 2nd channel amp to power them and they sound awesome. Those will run your about 500 bucks. if you don't have that kind of money is go with some Kenwood excelons or lower end hertz maybe. I'm not too impressed with the lower ba's. When you got a small can like that it's not gonna make a huge difference. Not to be an a hole but if I were you I would chuck it the jensen. 99% of people who bought a line of Jensen receiver from us always came back with problems. like I was sayin, not being an absolute ass or anything just my opinion.
  6. CenTex SS

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    I have a 96 silverado regular cab and i switched to a sony head unit with kicker speakers all the way around i did tweeters in the doors as well as the round speakers but in the back i took out the speakers and just used the wiring to power 6x9's that are in small speaker boxes that i bought at best buy and my stereo sounded great then i added a Rockford Fosgate 1000W amp to power one square competition kicker sub and let me tell u that setup bumps hard and sounds great

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