Speakers with bass?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by 89steveo50, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Well, comments from the so called "professional" installers above notwithstanding, I think you can buy speakers and get some upgrade in overall sound. The term "bass" is somewhat subjective. If you really want more bass, then you probably will have to adjust the height of the bar here and open your wallet more for additional equipment. That is a slippery slope, though, I want to warn you. Once you start down that road, there could be no end to your appetite to improve the sound system. It's like trying heroin. You will want one more fix, and it never ends. Pretty soon, you find yourself in the local detox for buying too many amplifiers.
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    Fair enough
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    Check the sentence. Not one word is "aggressive". Not intended as such. Simply stated in plain English for those who may be grammatically challenged, it simply states regardless of what they (installers or those claiming to be installers) say, I think the author of the thread can find some good speakers to get better sound.

    The problem with your viewpoint for this guy is you will always tell a person like this to spend gobs of money for multiple equipment upgrades when he may not wish to do so or have the money. I could just as easily tell you that your post is about as arrogant as Adolf Hitler to the Jews. But I did not. So lay off and crack that dictionary and count to ten before you push "post" next time.
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    Fair enough
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    Ok guys stop!!!! This is NOT what Helping people is about if you want to disagree back and forth Pm each other not on a public thread..


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    if you are looking for big earthquaking bass than pull out your big head hundreds because good bass cost i have 6 15 inch subs they ran me 200 per speaker go with some l7 or guganot or p3 fosgate any size subs with a good speaker encloser you will get the sound you want do everything to spec than you will be happy. i did the some what or so called installer but didn't like it so put the money into it for it to b do right and you will b very happy
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    Please read the original post. He was asking for "a bit more oomph" than stock does, in the bass department, and looking to only repleace the factory speakers, not add a subwoofer. He can do that for less than $200; or close to $400 adding an amp as well. He doesn't need, or even want, big subs. You don't need to spend a lot of money to have great bass reproduction in your car. Of course, if you want to just be as loud as possible, and bugger people 500ft+ away from your truck, and be unable to breathe properly while standing near it, you'll have to spend a lot of money, yes; because it will take a lot of power, and large speakers, to do that.
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    That depends on one's definition of 'great', doesn't it? I ask because I'm someone who expects 'great' bass reproduction to shake the mirrors and vibrate my rib cage at 40hz .... while still being clean enough to allow me to talk over it -- without annoying anyone around me unless they happen to be hugging my sound-deadened truck when its windows are shut.

    You're not going to get that out of a factory system with an aftermarket replacement of the OEM speakers (and no aftermarket amp) -- period. Clearly what you and I think of as 'great' bass reproduction has a huge gap inbetween. Most 5.25-6.75" speakers just don't produce 'bass'; by and large most are mids. Those that can actually reach into the lower ranges to produce 'bass' (assuming enough power is applied) ... are spendy.
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    Well, there are the really cheap 'budget' speakers that aren't good for anything really. They're cheap, and might sound a bit better than factory for a while, but they don't last as long, because they're cheap.

    But You can certainly get exactly what you described without spending thousands of dollars, and without having huge subwoofers. While a 6.5" midbass driver might not make the same amount of SPL that a 15" would, a good quality set will still accurately reproduce a 40 Hz tone. And then there's JL's 6.5" subwoofers, which perform rather excellently as well, given the proper size enclosure.

    Most music doesn't dip extremely low into the frequency range, and even with 15" or larger subs, they typically aren't designed to handle frequencies below 35-40 Hz; not to mention you'd need > 100db for the ear to hear them anyway. And most good component drivers are built to handle down to 35Hz well; they just aren't necessarily going to produce the SPL that a larger driver does.

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