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  1. Drake_korthos

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    So a couple of weeks ago, I headout out to the Motor Trend Auto show in Las Vegas, NV. Most major car manufacturers (minus Nissan for some reason) were showing off the new 2012 models, and I noticed that every company that produces trucks has started making Special edition vehicles. Toyota has the Tundra's Rock Warrior, GMC has the Sierra All Terrain, Ford the F-150 Raptor, and Dodge's (leadinig with about 4 versions) newest special is the Outdoorsman. Has anybody seen/driven any of these trucks, and if so what did you think of it? Do ya'll like the idea of having special editions? What's ya'lls take on 'em??
  2. KyleZ71

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    I know Chevy had a experimental one that looked a lot like the GMC Sierra All Terrain. I like it better due to the fact I really dont care for the GMC's grill on the All Terrain.
  3. Drake_korthos

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    Same here, My other complaint was the color matched bumper. I perfer the steel bumper myself as I USE it! Not always intentionally, but I'd rather have to buff out a scratch or ding on a stainless steel bumper than have to worry about repainting it.
  4. KyleZ71

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    Here here..
  5. tbplus10

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    Toyota also has a special edition truck on the Tacoma platform called the Baja.
    I test drove the Rock Warrior and Baja trucks a few months ago and they had a Raptor come along to compare, and I originally drove a Raptor early this spring.
    The Rock Warrior to me drives exactly like a normal Tundra, maybe a little stiffer suspension in the bumps but other than some stickers you wouldnt notice the difference.
    The Baja is definately a different animal, it sits 2" higher than a standard 4x4 Tacoma, rides a little stiffer but not bad, and handles both off-road and on road like a race car. Steering feels faster, brakes feel stronger, its got potential to be a great out of the box off-road truck.
    The Baja is the result of studying whats worked on Toyota trucks in the last 3 Baja 1000's. The goal was to make a mini Raptor, something that would cost less than the Ford but run with it, from test driving both of them I dont think their close.
    The Baja is less powerfull than the Raptor but on long flat runs across sandy hilly areas it seems to be able to put the power to the ground and haul, something the Raptor has problems with.
    The Raptor has to much power and looses traction allowing the Baja to stay with it.
    On road performance was much the same, the Raptor spent it's time spinning the wheels while the Baja would catch traction and move.
    Either one would be a great play truck that's sure to get you in lots of trouble.
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  6. Vincennes02261897

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    Great reply, Tim! Very informative. In fact, I thank you for bringing the Raptor down from the pedestal I've had it on all this time. I've been feeling guilty for dreaming about it from the driver's seat of my Silverado.
  7. Coach24

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    Chevy rules...... Others drool
  8. ChromeSilver02

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    Also another problem with the Raptor's frames seem to bend at the cab and the bed under added force, such as jumping dunes or hills with acouple hard landing.
  9. tbplus10

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    Funny you should mention that the Raptor we took out had the frame repaired once and the driver taking it back to DFW said he thought it was bent again because he couldnt get it to track straight on the road.
  10. Red Z71 Max

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    Same reason I went with the GMC

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