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    Hi I have an 04 chevy suburban and my service tire monitor warning keeps coming on.I disconnected the battery to try to reset it and that didn't help. I went to the local chevy dealer and they said that the system is working. They told me its because i don't have the proper valve stem covers, the previous owner put decorative covers on the valve stems. The dealership told me that i need special valve stem covers that they want $40 for. Is that right?? Seems like alot for valve stem covers. Anyone know if this is true or where i could find these valve stems covers cheaper? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks Ross
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    Hi Ross!

    I have no idea on the valve stem covers! I've not had the pleasure of having any fancy doo-dads like tire pressure warning lights and all! What I can say, though, is that I've read on here that disconnecting your battery for a length of time may help. I mean an hour or more. If memory serves me correctly this is to allow the computer to completely shut down and reset and start fresh.

    As for the stem caps... I'll tell you my answer to almost anyone looking for anything..eBay!

    I'm sure someone else will jump in soon to let you know about those caps for sure. Hang tight!
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    Thank you Steven
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    Did you purchase the valve stem caps for the truck? Unless there has been a change in the systems(TPMS) the sensors are locate on the rim, Direct systems. There is another that monitors the difference in the pressure and tire rotation outside of the wheel (Indirect). The cap has no part in the system. This is what I was informed of as the wife's Titan has the system. If you do search you can the full monty from Wikipedia about both systems... The batteries as it mentions in the artical may be faulty, tire stem
    made have been damaged which can cause the code, so if removing the battery cable did not clear, you may want to add air, drive the truck and see if it clears or check the other parts(stems,sensors)
    BUT keep your Caps, they aren't the problem.

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    Jeff's awesome. I just want to point that out.
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    TPMS troubleshooting

    Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are still fairly new and often misunderstood. Any good tire shop should be equipped and trained to troubleshoot TPMS issues. Check for a shop that uses Bartec tools. Most TPS sensors are part of the valve stem assembly. (See pic) Others are banded to the rim. A typical system consists of a Tire Pressure Sensor (TPS) at each wheel and a Control Module (CM). The TPS communicates over a wireless link to the control module. Data can be read from each TPS and uploaded to the CM using a TPMS tool connecting to the CM via the OBDII connector.

    You most likely have a faulty sensor which a tire shop should be able to diagnose. Unless the entire valve stem was replaced with a non TPS stem, valve caps do not alter the performance of your TPMS.

    If you rotate your own tires, you can try this simple DIY reprogramming of the DIC. See: avalanchefanclub for instructions. Also there is a tip at the velocitycorvette site detailing how to use a magnet in place of the factory tool.

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    i honestly dont know, but several weeks ago someone stole my valve stem covers and i put on 4 new ones from autozone and havent had any problems yet.

    Have you tried putting on regular cheap plastic ones?

    the only thing i can think of is the aftermarket ones on your truck have some kind of magnetic field to them... that could mess up the signal to the computer. Its a streach... but its all i can think of that could possibly have any effect. we all know that they are there just to keep out dust and water. and we all know that dealers are out to screw us any way they can.
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    Thank you everyone for your help. I'll keep my valve stem covers. I disconnected the battery and that seem to do the trick. Put on about 500 miles since then and no more service tire monitor warning.


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