Specific (hopefully) Lift Question. (I Have read through this forum)

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  1. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    Hey All,

    So I'm in the market for tires and wheels. I'm still on the factory tires (yay touring tires on a 4wd silverado) and they're about dead finally. I also had an unfortunate incident where a pot hole just jumped right in front of me one day... damndest thing... and one of my factory 20" wheels is dead. So, that's why I'm getting both. So, onto the question... I've always wanted a 6" lift on the truck, but have been saving to do it right. As part of that I was always planning to get new wheels and tires with the lift. Currently I'm looking at the American Outlaw Bunker 20x9 for the wheels. As far as tires, I'm slowly narrowing it down. Many of the tires I've been looking at are 33s and based on my napkin math my factory tires are a bit over 32 so I was wondering if the 33s would fit with the stock truck. Then I read through a lot of these forums and consensus seems to be that they'd rub. So then I began thinking "well maybe I'll just get a leveling kit at the same time." I'm not car dumb, but I don't have the experience with suspension to feel comfortable messing with it so I'm paying the money to get it installed. Anyway so at this point is where I began thinking, if I'm already getting the wheels and tires and considering a leveling kit, how much more would it be for a 6" lift? So there's my first question, assuming wheels and tires are already paid for, what might I expect to pay for the 6" lift at the same time? In order to answer that, consider:

    As I said, I haven't gotten any lifts to this point because I wanted to save the money. Therefore, I'm not going cheap. I want to know where the money goes. Most of my driving is street highway and it's my daily driver, but I do go camping, and sometimes try to find off the beaten path spots so I do need function. I don't want the nose heavy factory look, but I also don't want it to end up looking like the rear is dragging. Lastly, if I do end up doing the 6 with this set of tires, I'd like to just go ahead and get 35s. I understand I'll need to switch out the gears. Will I need to get a lot of cutting done in order to run the 35s? Or is there a way to compensate sans cutting? I'm not necessarily against a little bit of a body lift, but I don't want to mess with the overall look of the body so I don't want to do too much.

    In reading through the forums, I think I've answered most of the specific questions people need answered to give a good answer, but if I've left any out please feel free to ask.

    All this from shopping for tires... Ever since I bought this truck, I understand my wife's desire to window shop at the mall....
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    It's all up to how big you wanna go. Most 6 inch lifts are big enough for no cutting running 35s and if you get a leveling get with rear blocks, as long as you don't go to wide on the tire you won't rub
  3. mfleetwood

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    I can provide you some feedback based on my own experience with my truck.

    *If you're planning to lift, do NOT get a leveling kit, as you'll end up removing it since most kits do not typically use them

    *I lifted with the Rancho 4" kit (which actually yields slightly over 5") and my tires (315/70/17 or about 34 1/2") fit without any cutting/grinding. However, I am using the stock rims. Since you are planning on changing your rims be sure to watch the offset/backspace, as that will have a bearing on if you will have rubbing issues.

    *The Rancho kit provides an even lift....no rake and no rear drag. Other kits also provide an even lift as well but I am not sure which ones

    *Rancho kit on Amazon is about $1,500 but once or twice a year, Rancho offers a rebate of $500 if you buy shocks, which you will need anyway. I think for qood quality 6" lift, you'll be looking somewhere in the $2,000 range

    *Gears you don't have to get at the same time, but they should be high on your priority list after you lift. A good set installed will probably run you between $1,200 to $1,500 for both front and rear.
  4. ajarman

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    My thoughts are silimar to Mikes. I am running the Rancho 4" which gave me 5 1/2 inches of lift and I am also running a 3/4" spacer up front. I am running 34.2 tires with rubbing only at full lock in reverse but I have x9 wheels with -0 offset. The Rancho kit is a sold subframe kit and drops the LCA's so you have nice flat angles.

    A little birdie told me that 3/30 Rancho will be brining back the $500 rebate.
  5. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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  6. mfleetwood

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    Yep...that's the one. This particular kit has a great reputation among many members here and outside this forum.

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    Hey Alston....when you mention the 3/4" spacer are you referring to the Readylift that you had on your truck before you lifted? I'm sure it's in a post out there somewhere and I just missed it.
  7. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    Thanks guys. And I read on a couple threads on here where people either cheapened out on rancho shocks or almost did before someone said something. Which shocks should I get? I was looking at a couple, but one said it was for a truck with 0 lift and another with 2" lift.
  8. mfleetwood

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    If your looking at shocks other than Rancho's, I'd call Rancho tomorrow and ask one of their techs what the part # is for the brand shocks you are thinking about that will work with their kit. If you call during normal business hours, they will answer the phone. From my experience, they're a great company to work with.

    I ended up getting the Rancho RS9000XL adjustable shocks and am very pleased with them. I'm not sure which threads you are referring to but typically these shocks get good reviews. Additionally, I use the wireless remote to adjust the firmness which makes things extremely easy going from pavement to off-road. I soften up my shocks at the push of a button and don't even have to stop the truck.
  9. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    I didn't mean cheapened out by going with Rancho in general. I meant a cheaper Rancho shock they were being offered pretty cheap with the kit and it was recommended they go with the nicer Rancho shocks.
  10. mfleetwood

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    Gotcha...makes sense.

    Yeah, I'd go with the better ones. Not only will you get a much better ride (and adjustable is very nice), you'll also get a larger rebate. If you go to Rancho's website www.gorancho.com you can actually build your kit, including the shocks. Once you have the part #s, then you can start price shopping. If I remember correctly, you cannot buy directly off Rancho's site anyway.

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