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    Just got back from my dealer after an oil change, front diff leak, and a flex plate leak. They had to order parts for the diff and flex so basically they found the two slight oil leaks, ordered parts, diconnected the heated washer fluid, and changed the oil. I get back in truck and see the ABS/Stabilitrak lights on and get messages to service them. Okay, things happen. I just don't like it when they happen to me. I walk back in and mention it to service guy who summonses the tech. A few minutes later I'm told "he said they were on when he pulled the truck in". uh, no they weren't, or maybe.... since I am here for warranty service... I WOULD HAVE MENTIONED IT.:grrrrrr: I know the service managers so I maintained composure as they pulled the truck in to read codes.

    I guess when they put her on the lift the suspension dropped and hyper-extended a rear wheel speed sensor line? No problem, add it to the list of parts and it will be rectified when I go back for the two leaks work in 2 weeks. I am glad the dealer is covering it, but still to have a tech come up with that line of crap.
    The truck has a 6" lift (Southern Comfort/ProComp) and the lines were zip-tied to the bump stops in the rear but seemed to have ample slack. Are they supposed to just dangle freely? I guess the axle drop from being on the lift was too much and the slack ran out. The tech added that the lines weren't long enough and it would "just happen again". After I looked I think the one line got snagged under the u-bolt plate. I've never had the suspension work that hard so it was fine for rnormal usage.
    Anyone else have this issue? How are your lines run? Are they attached to anything or just hang? Pictures would be helpful. Thanks.
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    I'll agree with the mechanic that if the lines are not long enough, it will just happen again.
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    I measured the free slack of the cable and came up with 4" of slack. I'm not sure how they are run with the factory suspension, but I don't think the spring pack will allow the axle to drop that far from static to unladen. I looked at another truck with a 6" FabTech lift done by RockyMountain and he has nowhere near as much slack. The cables were routed the same way too.

    There are a bunch of lifted late model trucks here, if no-one else has had this problem, the tech must have done something else?
    Still makes me mad he had to lie about the lights being on prior. I will request he never touch my truck again.
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    With all the lifted trucks here, no one has had this issue?
  5. XS ive

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    No one else has a lifted truck with stabilitrak/trac control/ABS wheel speed sensor cables?

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