speedometer ain't working.

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by chevy_fan, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. chevy_fan

    chevy_fan New Member

    So I no longer know how fast I'm driving. Sometimes the speedometer moves as far as 30mph, but for the most part, it don't move at all. Any ideas? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. Crawdaddy

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    we could really use some information about your vehicle... Year, make, model, ownership information (original, second, third, etc), and some technical details (all you know about the issue) to be able to help you.

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  3. chevy_fan

    chevy_fan New Member

    Oh ya. Sorry about that.
    2005 Silverado crew cab 2wd with tow/haul. I believe I'm the second owner, but not too sure. The speedo stopped working early summer. Sometimes it moves as far as 30mph slower than I'm driving, sometimes it don't move at all. I have a few other minor issues, but I'll take care of one at a time.
    Thanks for the welcome
  4. oOcornflakeOo

    oOcornflakeOo Rockstar

    i saw on other posts that there was a recall or letter sent out of some sort from chevy to chevy owners(you wouldnt have got this since you didn't buy it from the dealership) saying that theres issues with some tachometers and MPH gauges.. I had my tach and speedometer stop working over a blown radio fuse (2000 silverado 1500).. try checking that out before going to the dealership. get ahold of that steve dude who seems to run the site. I'm sure he knows. good luck
  5. retired

    retired Rockstar 100 Posts

    Most likely it's the speedo itself, if it were the speed sensor the trany would not shift.
  6. oOcornflakeOo

    oOcornflakeOo Rockstar

    I say check all of the fuses cause chevy seems to like to f**k with people's heads by making fuses connect/interfere with things that you wouldn't associate with that particular fuse location.. i.e. i blew my radio fuse the other day and just that one fuse caused my tach and speedometer to stop working. for cost efficient trouble shooting, go out and buy a light tester and check all of your fuses before having a dealership charge you up the wazoo.. unless you got money like that to toss in the wind:no:
  7. JMoney02

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    Does the other part of your Cluster work? Oil/Amps/Temp and so on? If so, you now have a bad cluster
    all together, not like the complete blown cluster from grounding a part of the harness, which would be a blown fuse. From late 2002 to Mid 2005 Chevrolet had issues with their clusters, unfortunately only the 2003-2004 were recalled and replaced, but it has a limit of 7yrs/70k miles and yours does not fit the requirement. If you replace it with a salvage one you will need to have it calibrated and certified by the Dealer to insure the sale for mileage is accurate, you can also state if you sell that the mileage is unknown if the vehicle is older than 10yrs......

  8. bbk28

    bbk28 New Member

    im going wit the the speed sensor. i wreck my truck and the trany wouldnt shift and speedo at zero and was speed sensor

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