Speedometer concerns with 2-inch lift and 33-inch tires

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    I just completed a 2-inch lift on my '92 Suburban K1500 - blocks in the rear and new torsion bar keys up front. The OEM tires were LT245/75R16/C. But I've been running LT265/75R16/E for the last four years. There's not much difference between these two sizes. But the new tires are BFG A/T LT295/75R16/D. The 265's were 30-inch diameter. The 295's are 33-inch diameter. Also changed out the OEM 16x7 alloy wheels for AR-321 FUEL BLACK 16x8 alloys ( http://www.americanracing.com/browse_ar.asp). Tires are balanced, the front end has been properly aligned. It runs well, rides well, no real complaints. I know the speedometer will show slow (when it shows 60-mph, I'll be doing around 70-mph). However, I've noticed the shift points are different and the 4-wheel ABS engage easier/faster.

    :confused: While web-surfing, I've come across a "Superlift TruSpeed Speed Sensor Recalibrator". It's suppose to "correct speedometer/odometer readings and the speed signal sent to the Engine, Powertrain, and Anti-lock Brake Control Modules which can affect fuel delivery, engine timing, and automatic transmission shift point". http://www.superlift.com/accessories/truspeed.asp It costs around $225. Has anybody tried it? Is it worth it? Anyone know of alternatives -- preferably cheaper? I've got to get the Sub's speedometer back in-sync because I have a '96 Camry that's right on the button and get forgetful when I switch between driving the two cars (and I have a heavy foot as it is). :mdr:

    BTW, here's a couple of pics of the new AR wheels. I added the red, which matches the body color. (This is a work in progress, so the wheel caps aren't on, the air dam has been removes, still need to buy the fender flares, etc.)


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