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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Waco, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Waco

    Waco Member

    Last weekend while driving I noticed my speedometer to starting to slowly drop even though I wasn't losing speed. Before I knew it, it was sitting at 0mph while I was driving 75. I plugged in my GPS just to get an accurate speed reading until I could take it into the shop. After the vehicle being off for about 30 minutes though, the speedometer returned to normal function. The first time it moved a little slow and glitchy, but it did read the correct speed. Hasn't done it since, but I'm worried it will again. Any thoughts?
  2. BigRobSA

    BigRobSA Member

    I recently replaced the Silvy dash panel with a newer Escalade one due to all the gauges but the fuel gauge being broke and not working.

    It's a common issue.

    Now, the only thing that doesn't work is the gear indicator and I have a trans temp gauge, too, since all 1999+ trucks came wired for one.
  3. aquinoboi

    aquinoboi New Member

    I've had that done to me as well. Been happening more on long drives. My fuel gauge right now isn't accurate. Even tho I fill up, I still show empty. So long as I get dinged, I'll chance how far I've gone. Not the correct thing to do, but haven't had the time to diagnose.
  4. Mr Dragon

    Mr Dragon Rockstar

    Fuel Gauge

    I had my fuel guage in my 2000 Silverado keep dorpping out, eventually the fuel pump went out as well. A long tow and $800 later it was working again. Get it fixed before you have to. I was on vacation so they soaked me.:gasp:
  5. Megs_87

    Megs_87 New Member

    Had mine replaced on a 04 silverado under warranty. Mine was reading that I was going like 50 when I was only going 20 and at a stop it said I was doing like 30....This might be under warranty if you are still covered...Also prior to this p-u I had a 03 Tahoe and had the same problem also that speedometer was replace under warranty too... Hope this helps...

  6. Waco

    Waco Member

    Do you remember what they needed to replace and about how much it costs?

  7. dsfloyd

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    Sounds like the instrument cluster is bad. common problem. so much so the dealership covers it up to 70000 miles. Just had mine replaced in November. Speedo going nuts and also the oil pressure gauge. So I would take it in and tell them the issue.
  8. Megs_87

    Megs_87 New Member


  9. kiowamtp

    kiowamtp New Member

    I would think this would be a common problem talked about on this site. Being a freshly registered I did not search specifically here for this problem. Sounds like it could be the stepmotor is going bad. Each gage has a separate stepmotor behind it in the instrument cluster. I have an 06 Silverado with no issues as of yet. My in laws have a 05 GMC sierra and a 06 Silverado. His GMC has been giving him erratic speedometer readings and his 06 oil pressure gage just recently went to 0 psi on a road trip and now works intermittently. I found a bunch of step motor issues while searching the web trying to help him out. Here is one such link.


    from post #258 pg 27

    "The problem is with the step motors that drive the guages behind the display cluster. The step motor receives an electrical signal from the different vehicle systems (speed, rpm, gas gauge, etc) and the step motor moves the needle in proportion. The step motor design was apparently faulty in these later model vehicles and randomly fail. GM had a silent recall in 2007 for vehicle less than 7yr/70K miles for specific production VIN's"
  10. aquinoboi

    aquinoboi New Member

    Saw the recall on another thread. Too bad mine now has 80+k miles on it. Might check with a dealer anyways just in case they'll still honor it.

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