Spring Truck Cleaning Tips for your Chevy?

Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by ChevyFan, Mar 15, 2012.

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    You gotta SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB!

    When I was a teenager, my dad had a can of KIT wax (in the yellow can). I bought an old Maverick that had been in a cornfield for about 10 years. I thought the car was grey when I bought it for $15.00. I drive to the car wash and scrubbed but nothing changed. I decided that I was going to wax the dirt in to the paint (if there was any). When I buffed it off, the most gorgeous "Grabber Green" paint job appeared and it looked showroom new... with VERY LITTLE work. I wiped it on, wiped it off. I drove it back to the old farmer's house that I bought it from and he didn't believe it was the same car.

    I waxed my truck twice last week. I have so much wax on it that it doesn't even get wet in the rain! LOL!

    I didn't see it for sale for amny years until recently. I reluctantly bought a can thinking that they probably changed it. If they did, it is for the better. It goes on SOOO easy and comes off just as easy. I waxed my entire high top full size conversion van in 45 minutes last week. BY HAND. (and I am fat, slow and lazy, so I assumed it would take me about a week to get it all done.) The KIT wax also leaves no haze on plastic trim or rubber parts. It comes right off! I waxed right over my door handles and you can't see any residue.

    Another discovery: I had a piece of carpet in my tool box that was CAKED with aluminum wheel cleaner that I had buffed off of my tool box. It was BLACK and NASTY. I shot it with some Westley's Bleche-Wite, stirred it up with a scrub brush and rinsed it off with the garden hose. It looks NEW! So...

    Over the weekend, I got a new set of seats from the junk yard. They were pretty dirty and had greasy hand prints on them from where the guys at the yard took them out. I fired up the Bissell steamer with it's usual mixture of Bissell soap in the water, but I also added about a cap full of Bleche-Wite to the mix. My seats instantly came showroom clean. I am going to use that on the carpet when I take the seats out to put my new ones in.

    I also used bleche-wite to clean all of the interior panels to reveal a really nice light grey interior. Aside from the paint being worn off of the dash in a couple of spots, the bleche-wite brought it all back to showroom new. (The worn paint was already like that... The Bleche-Wite did not strip the paint.)

    After about 1/2 gallon of 409 on the interior, I had rags that were just at black when re-cleaning with the Bleche-Wite. I followed up with some protectant and it is AWESOME! I am going to hit the bucket seats with it when they come out to see how they clean up.

    Bleche Wite... Not just for tires anymore.
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    When I lived in Southern California, and with my 96 Chevy, I used to detail about once a month. That's when I fell in love with Mothers products. Now that I live in Washington most of my routine washing comes from the automated. I don't like it, but with weather around there it's just the best way to make sure it gets done. That being said, when I get back there in December, I'm planning to drive it back to California to take the kids to Disneyland and visit my parents. I've already set aside one day to finish my sleeve on my right arm and one day to spend babying my truck in their driveway. And yes, it often takes me the better part of the day because I'll steam clean the carpets, wipe down everything, clean the tires, pull the wheels off and clean them inside and out, etc.. Some people go fishing on their nice day off... I love to sit back, listen to music and detail my truck while the kids run around playing.

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