Spun bearing or another problem?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by vannooch, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Friday night I was taking my Dad camping in my 01 Savana, while pulling a hill&nbsp;I heard a bang then lost power. It was a long steep grade and I was running at&nbsp;45 - 55 mph and it was shifting between second and third most of the way up. The temp was at about 200 degrees and the oil pressure was at 40 psi before it gave way. Once I heard the noise and lost power the oil pressure went to zero and&nbsp;I drifted off of the road to a stop. I should mention that I was pulling a travel trailer weighing about 5500&nbsp;lbs when this happened, and when the truck came to tow the trailer out that night I started and pulled the van forward to get it out of the way. It sounded like it was knocking so after I moved as far as I thought I would need to get the other truck hooked up I shut it off and it wasn't started until today. I went out today to look into it and when I started it, it sputtered&nbsp;a little but there was no noise so I shut it off. I started it again and it fired up and didn't sputter at all with no noise so I hit the peddle a couple of times and it seemed fine, no knocking no sputter but the check engine light is on. Did I spin a bearing? It sure sounded like it but every other time that happened It always knocked from then on. Could the CPU shut something off? I didn't mention that the van has 122000 miles on it as well.<br>What are your thoughts?

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