Spy Shots—Entire 2014 Camaro Lineup Caught Testing

Discussion in 'Chevy Camaro Forum' started by Enkeiavalanche, May 9, 2013.

  1. Enkeiavalanche

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    Looks sweet... :great:

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    The shooters at KGP Photography caught another Camaro test group, including prototypes for the new ’14 Camaro 1LE, and a fully undisguised ZL1 Coupe. This latest encounter gives the most complete look at the revamped ’14 Camaro lineup—including the ’14 1LE, ZL1 Coupe and Convertible, and the V6-powered Camaro RS. It's now possible to get a sense of how the various specs will be be trimmed out, beyond what was seen at the official unveiling at the New York Auto Show.

    The 1LE spec uses the new-for-’14 Camaro SS styling, and incorporates the 1LE's trademarked blacked-out hood.

    As reported, the ZL1 will not get the new front-end treatment that will be applied across the rest of the Camaro lineup, reportedly due to the engineering work that would be required. Instead, it carries over the existing front end and marries it to the Camaro's refreshed rear styling.

    The lightly disguised ZL1 soft-topped prototype gives us our first look at the '14 Camaro's new tail treatment as a convertible. While the Camaro gets a new CHMSL integrated directly into the rear fascia, the ZL1 convertible prototype caught here also maintains the CHMSL that is mounted on the rear deck—just aft of the convertible top—resulting in a two-tiered CHMSL treatment. Combine that with the new rear wing and the shark-fin antenna mounted on the rear deck, and there is a lot going on at the rear of the new convertible Camaros. If this is indeed the final design for the updated convertible, then why not eliminate the deck-mounted CHMSL? It would seem to be a cost-saving measure to keep an existing part and save on the tooling costs.

    The RS prototypes caught here reveal a cleaner front bumper, with smaller fog lights set wide and inset smoothly into the front fascia. The front bumpers' central intake is detailed with more elegant and streamlined horizontal strakes, compared to the chunkier and more aggressive look found on the SS.

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    Photo Credit: KGP Photography
  2. PantheraUncia

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    Somehow I don't like the tail lights on these, they are missing something that the previous model year had. I am going to assume they are LED tail lights. Other than that, they look ok.
  3. Enkeiavalanche

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    I think they want them to look like a 68 or 69.. we will see soon..
  4. Als09Sierra

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    Agree, those tail lights look like they're taken from a Toyota or Nissan parts bin. I like the previous tail lights much better. Otherwise, from the pics, they don't look too different. The hood scoops look good.
  5. 95K1500

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    what they should've redesigned is the the window height instead of the grille and tail lights! sure the car looks cool but you can't see a thing out of them. I actually kinda like the new tail lights though... since it helps square up the rear and look more 69ish. have to wait and see it in person
  6. SupplySgt

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    I'm waiting for them to make a design to look like the early 2nd gens. I'm not much on the 1st gens because of how I see a million and a half of them at every car show I go to. That's part of why I don't own a first gen, even though I've had opportunities to.
  7. ChevyFan

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