Spy Shots—The Next Corvette Z07? I can wait.....

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    :gasp: I want it!!!![​IMG]

    The shooters at KGP Photography caught this camouflaged C7 Corvette prototype testing on GM's North-South Straight, leaving them to wonder if this is a prototype for the next Corvette Z07 (a follow-up to the legendary Z06).
    A close, pixel-by-pixel look at the prototype reveals what appears to be a new air-duct placed just in front of the rear wheel. The new flared duct is placed in a nearly identical spot as the mesh air-vent that was a feature on past Z06 models. The wheels look like all-new items that haven't been seen on any previous C7s.

    This prototype appears to be a convertible, with the same soft top that is found on other C7 convertibles. The top does look legit. When the Z06 first debuted, it was outfitted with a hard-top configuration that had a rigid roof resembling the size and shape of the soft-top convertible. The small hardtop was a weight-saving feature that did away with the heavy rear glass structure. Is there any chance that GM has cleverly covered a similar hardtop shape with a faux soft-top finish? There aren't any smoking guns to prove some clever camouflage fakery—and the rear window looks consistent with the convertible's rear glass treatment—but KGP photographers remain skeptical.

    There's a lot of mystery to this latest camouflaged C7. Just how many performance-enhancing design features are really hiding under this heavy camouflage? Pour over these shots to look for clues to what's next for the C7 ’Vette.
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    Wwow. That's pretty interesting. Who cane up with the z07 name though? Was that released by gm?

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