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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by raiderman8112, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. raiderman8112

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    I'm having a problem of the back rest of my driver seat squeaking on me. I've had the dealer fix this problem before and all I know is that they tightened something up on it. Any idea what it was they tightened up?
  2. 2ToNe04

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    Maybe the bolts that are in the brackets?
  3. pmf608

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    If you remove your sill plate and manual levers (if you have any) you can take off the seat trim panel. The only bolts that would squeak will be behind there.

    I would make sure it is actually your seat though. I had a squeak that sounded like it was behind my driver seat. It turned out to be the cab safety strap. This is a strap resembling a very thick and short tailgate cable running from your cab to your frame. The metal loop squeaks against the bolt as the plastic bushing is only installed between the loop and the frame.

    IF this is the case, you will know because you can pull the strap by hand and hear the squeak. GM put a bulleting out instructing dealers to install a plastic washer between the rubbing parts if a customer had this issue. You can fix it yourself.

    JUST A WARNING - If you try to unbolt the strap yourself, be careful. The bolt may be as seized as mine... The ratchet slipped and i cut a chunk of skin out of my finger on the sharp metal of the rocker.

    Hope this helps.

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