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  1. What's up bros? I have a 2007 Silverado VortecMax lifted 6" on a Fabtech with the 4.0 Dirtlogic shocks in front and dual gas in the rear. I bought the truck in October 2010 and the lift was already on it. Based on what I know about the owner I suspect the lift was put on the truck fairly early on. It's got about 65,000 miles at this point.

    So, I've noticed recently that my suspension squeaks a little when going in and out of driveways or over bumps as I drive. It's not super loud and I'm not 100% if it just started or if I just started noticing it. I was wondering if it's a sign i need to torque down all my nuts and bolts? Is it normal?...I know my truck is pretty heavy being that it's a quad cab. Also, I don't think it's my shocks squeaking, but if it is is that a sign they need to be replaced?...I hope not because the shocks I have are friggen expensive.

    Any insight is appreciated. I hate going to the 4 wheel parts near where I live because the dudes who work there are arrogant dicks and always try to rape people on service prices.
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    Probably the biggest reason for squeeky suspensions is dirt.
    Normally flexing the truck out and washing between the leafs will clean them out and quiet the squeeks.
    Also check to see if you have rubber or urethane bushings on the leafs and other areas, urethane bushings will squeek after they get dirty, washing them sometimes helps, sometimes you can lube them with Graphite and quiet them down.
    Dont use a wet petroleum type lube as this will only attract more dirt and make it squeek again.

    Places to check for squeeks are:
    Between each leaf spring
    at the leaf spring bushings
    if you have coil suspension at the top and bottom pads of the coil buckets
    if you have torsion bar suspension at the "A" arm pivot points
    basically any point in the suspension that pivots.
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    I agree with [MENTION=14295]tbplus10[/MENTION]. I would start by re-torquing everything, it can't hurt. It could be almost anything at this point. From shock bushings, sway arm link bushings, to u joints. Have you tried moving the suspension on your own to replicate the squeak? (jumping on the bumper)
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    I would do as pikey said. try to replicate the sound anyway possible, its the easiest way to find the problem.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll have to wait until my room mate gets home from work so i can try and replicate the squeak and he can listen and see where it's coming from. After that I'll try cleaning up the areas where the squeak is coming from. I'll also take a look at the leaf spring bushings to see if they're rubber or urethane.

    Thanks for the help bros. I'll post back once I try these options.

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