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  1. johnannette

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    hi i have and 08 silverado 2wd wt and when i hit the brakes the truck squeeks and groans. it does it when the weight moves forward.i checked the seat it is not it doing it any thoughts on before i try the dealer i have linex installed but it was doing it before the insallation thanks for the help love the site.
  2. dsrtne1

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    Could be anything. I would assume its something involving the suspension. Mine was squeaking and I found out it was the leaf springs. I sprayed them with some penetrating lubricant and its good as new. I'd say your best bet is to have somebody stand outside while you hit the brakes to help you locate the sound. I just had my dad stand outside as i drove by and that really helped me pinpoint where the sound was coming from. Good Luck. I'd save the dealership for your last resort.
  3. Loggerhead Mike

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    gm has a bulliton out for the leafsprings on 00 up silverados for squeeking. they say to grease the contact points. any lube should do the trick but the squeek will come back after time. just repeat

    if you have stepbars on your truck they cause a squeek from the body mounts. soak the body mounts with a superlube or wd40.
  4. johnannette

    johnannette New Member

    thanks i will try that.
  5. 2ToNe04

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    usually all trucks squeek or groan when the frame flexes but, you should still check it out if you have warranty.

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