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    as soon as I saw the SS was coming out, I have been busy trying to find a company that will make that front end as an upgrade. FINALLY, I found a company who makes aftermarket SS front ends for all the other chevys. A good company, if you do aftermarket stuff to your vehicles, then you know this company. I spoke with them and they said that by mid next year, they will have one on the market to buy. It might be a little much, like the others they sell. But, I wanted to share in case, others were looking to buy the SS upgrade as well. I will add more info, when I know more. But at least now we know we can get the SS front end for our TB.
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    Great! Thanks for the info!
  3. Chief

    Chief New Member what company are you talkin about? I'd like to get in touch with them.
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    Also, if you just want to buy the SS front and rear bumpers, SS grille, and the SS fogs, you should be ready to go! Not saying it is cheap, but if you want the grille, the bumper needs to be replaced unless you have an 06 LT with the step-down bumper.

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