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    im looking into getting rims and tires. i think i kno what rims i want. but the main thing is the tires. rims and lookin pretty doesnt get you far off the road. For a while i have been lookin into the super swamper m-16's and like them cause they seem to do good on the road, but im not sure how nasty they'd be off the road. and the km2's just seem nasty, dont get me wrong the m-16's do as well. but what im lookin for is a good tire, that does best in mud, good in sand, and good on the road. is anyone running either of these tires of know of someone who is? noise isn't a factor, i'd actually not mind cause anything beats boggers on my old truck.. and i think tire noise ads to a trucks profile. or do you have any other options on tires? other than mud grapplers. i swear where i live you'd think they came on trucks straight out the factor :p

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