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    I hate to burst your bubble but you are probably not going to find SS rims for "CHEAP" , G.M. rims are anything but cheap.Believe me I know from experience, I did a quick search for "silverado ss rims" on msn and the cheapest I found was $239 each for replicas, not even O.E.M., searching on E-bay I found replicas at the same store you have in your post for $899 a set. If you are patient and willing to wait for a good deal you may find a set of used ones on e-bay or craigs list, e-bay is probably your best bet. I spent about 18 months searching til I found my O.E.M. rims and I picked them up for less than $500 including shipping,the dealer price is over $400 each!, during that time I saw lots of SS rims and the prices ranged from $800- $1200 without tires and up to $2000 with tires, hope this helps with your decision, if it's the look you want I say spend the money, it's worth it,hopefully you'll find a deal! Good luck! :great: As for the center cap I'm unsure on availability of a G.M.C. cap for S.S. rims.
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